Catching up…

Oh my goodness I’m way behind in posting! Embarrassingly behind in fact.

I’ve talked about how I don’t want blogging to be a chore and most of the time it’s not but I also like everything to go in its particular place and when things go out of sync my own personal brand of obsessiveness kicks in and I feel stuck and can’t do anything at all. Anyone else like this?

So, I’ve made a list of posts I’m behind on and I’m going to post them *gasp* out of order and in December I’m going to back date them so that they fall back into the correct order on my homepage.

This is going to be messy as their will be out of date prompts (for a while) but this is the price I must pay to get back on track!

The the list of outstanding posts:

  1. Quick August 2022 Wrap-up
  2. Quick September 2022 Wrap-up
  3. Perseids #MindforBooksPrompt (August)
  4. #MindforBooksPrompt September
  5. Mabon #MindforBooksPrompt (September)
  6. #MindforBooksPrompt October
  7. Winterfylleth #MindforBooksPrompt (Ocotber)
  8. #MindforBooksPrompt November
  9. Intentional Movement 100 – the final 10 days
  10. Holiday Nails
  11. Quarter Two 2022 Blog Check-in
  12. Quarter Three 2022 Blog Check-in
  13. Quarter Two Non-Fiction Reading 2022
  14. Quarter Three Non-Fiction Reading 2022
  15. Goldsboro Books Subscription – March 2022
  16. Goldsboro Books Subscription – April 2022
  17. Goldsboro Books Subscription – May 2022
  18. Goldsboro Books Subscription – June 2022
  19. Goldsboro Books Subscription – July 2022
  20. Goldsboro Books Subscription – August 2022
  21. Goldsboro Books Subscription – September 2022

So 21 posts to catch up on and whatever else crops up. Can I do them all before the end of November? 😀

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