Intentional Movement 100 – the final 10 days!

My plan for this post was to draft it on the beach and post while on holiday. This is at least the 4th time I’ve planned to blog while on holiday and it’s the 4th time I’ve failed. I wonder will I ever learn?

So I made it to 100 days of movement and 7 of those days were while on holiday in Greece. Nobody is more shocked than I! 😀

Days 91 to 100?

A few of the workouts I did were super quick and mostly focused on holiday bloat. Man planes screw me up. I have to say that I did find working out while on holiday a little tougher than I thought it would be. It was mostly to do with scheduling in relation to breakfasts and beach time. There were mimosas at breakfast so there was some juggling. 😀 I was determined to finish this in Crete though because what a place to finish this with!

And I also rewarded myself with a fabulous facial in the resort spa. The facial alone was worth the 100 days of moving.

This challenge was a revelation for me. Moving for the good of my mind and body is such a departure from moving ‘to lose weight’. That’s not to say that I didn’t focus on my weight more than once while doing it or since (I’m currently on day 120) but it isn’t the reason I keep doing it. I love showing up for myself. I love being proud of myself each day for doing even a small amount because, that small amount was me making a conscious effort to look after my mind, body and soul!

I’m planning to make a post about tips to complete this challenge and talk about some of the products I found helpful. My top tip though? Find something you enjoy doing and don’t do more than 10 minutes for the first week or two. Seriously, ease into it and only do what you enjoy! The rest will follow.

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