Winterfylleth – #MindforBooksPrompt

Happy Halloween!!

Look at me posting my October prompt on the day that fits the prompt the best! Who even am I?

Let’s not talk about the fact that I’ve had to drop about 10 blog posts in a few days in order to be able to post this on Halloween.

So this one is pretty easy, I’m posting my all time favourite gothic novel and adding a collage of pictures from our Halloween trip to Romania 4 years ago, the same trip where we got engaged. Halloween Dracula inspired proposals for the win! 😀

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Our trip to Romania in 2018 was truly magical. Romania is absolutely stunning and visiting Bram Castle on Halloween was everything I hoped it to be. Of course getting engaged makes it an extra special place for us but that was just the cherry on top of an already extraordinary ice cream sundae. Still no wedding though, 2020 messed with our plans and now I’m of the opinion that getting through COVID together and enjoying and being grateful for each other during that time was the wedding! 😀

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