Intentional Movement 100 – Hey there 90!

Almost there and oh my goodness I’m excited and like ridiculously proud of myself. If you need me I’ll be in Crete high-fiving myself all over the place! 😀

How were days 61 to 90?

I discovered a YouTube fitness account on day 60 and it became a game changer for me. Pre-pandemic I was an avid Spinner. I was VERY addicted. I loved it so much because it was incredibly fun, I felt amazing after each class and it worked for me because it was low impact. Well I think I’ve found a replacement and it’s at home and costs me the €11.99 a month YouTube subscription, or free if you can cope with the ads interrupting your workout.

I’m not going to name it here (you’ll find it in the screenshot of the notes above though) because even though I love her and her content the thumbnails and weight talk are a little triggering. The thing with YouTube is that absolutely everything ‘fitness’ related uses triggering language and it is such a shame, I really don’t like it but I also get it. Fatphobia sells and promising losing weight, instead of accepting yourself and encouraging any and all movement to make you feel good, is going to get more interaction. Taking all the weight stuff out of it, her workouts are the best and I’m always buzzing after. If you can’t see the name above and would like it, drop me an email and I’ll share it.

So, I’ve become a addicted to these workouts, a little too much actually. I doubled up on workouts some days and did one of her workouts everyday for two weeks. I really wanted to see if I could do it. I did it and honestly I would have kept going. As with last month though I’ve found it hard to slow down and do off days so I absolutely need to work on that. I’m thinking about making a weekly plan once my 100 days are up, where I have to do one day a week (changing the day each week) of just yoga/Pilates/barre and make them at least 30 minutes. Doing 30 minutes of cardio is so much easier than doing 30 minutes of yoga and it makes no sense to me! 😀

Apparently it takes an average of 66 days to make a lifestyle change (although it really depends on the individual) and honestly, showing up for myself feels like something I’ll want to do everyday. I should work on meditation next but I’ll just sit in pride with this before I make any other plans. I also would love to learn how to do freestyle handstands. May need to do a lot more core work before we start down that road though! 😀

I’m on the home stretch now and will be finishing up in Greece. Planning a very expensive facial and spa day to celebrate. I hope to post my final 10 days while there but if not next week I will post once I get back.

I’ve also accumulated some challenge related favourite products that I’ll post about in the next few weeks. Not sponsored and I’m sure some are more of a placebo but my thinking is that if they work for someone else they are worth giving a shoutout!

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