My Home Library!

After three weeks of basically working non stop I finished my dream ‘budget’ library!

‘Guilty Pleasures’

I really dislike the term ‘guilty pleasure’ when it comes to reading and I’m also not a fan of reading snobs!

Home Library

My big dream since I was little was the same as most bookworms. To one day have library like that of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

For The Love Of Quotes

I originally posted these quotes when I first started this blog. I’m rethinking this space but I still love these quotes so for now I’m leaving some of my favourite quotes for your perusal. Enjoy and feel free to share favourites in the comment section.

About Me

Hi, I’m Tara and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I’m a book dragon who is addicted to reading books, buying books and taking pictures of books. My favourite genres are Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Romance. I do enjoy a good Non-Fiction though, especially if it’s True Crime.

I live with my very patient fiance who indulges all my book obsessions and has been known to hold books for me so I can take bookstagram photos in very public places and also designed my beautiful logo. He is also helping make my home library dreams come true.

At the moment my two main projects are painting my library shelves and convincing my fiance that we should get a cat. So far both are proving difficult.

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