Quarter One Blog Check-in

Wow a lot has happened around here in Q1 2022! One of the best things to start the year off blogging was the WordPress Bloganuary prompt challenge, most of which can be found on my Ramblings 2022 page. I didn’t post daily during that challenge but I started to get into the habit of posting more often and then in February/March I managed 53 posts in a row. This was more than I posted ALL of last year and is something I’m actually super proud of.

(Note: all bolded text leads to links that open in separate tabs)

I had so much fun posting daily and it never felt like a chore (I would often work on my posts at the weekend and schedule them, which really works for me) but it was also absolutely not sustainable. It really got the ideas flowing though. I started a couple of little blog ‘series’ that I’m enjoying and are handy go to posts:

  • Weekend Jaunts & If I Could Go Anywhere Right Now posts – found on the Travel page
  • TBR/Read posts that I try to post each Friday – found on the TBR/Read page

I tried my hand at creating a book tag: Encanto Soundtrack Book Tag Prompt, which was a lot of fun to create but one I haven’t actually completed yet. I also created a home for all the book tags I do and will hopefully create in the future on my Book Tags page.

I had the regular monthly wrap-ups which I’ve decided to just post here. I used to do wrap stories on my Instagram and it was creating unnecessary work and making my highlights too messy.

Quick January 2022 Wrap-up 

Quick February 2022 Wrap-up 

Quick March 2022 Wrap-up

And I read three pretty amazing works of non-fiction in quarter one. Not sure how I’m going to be able to top them to be honest.

Quarter One Non-Fiction Reading 2022

I’ve also been working away on my MindforBooks Prompt Challenge which can be found along with all the prompts and posts on my Monthly Prompts page. I’m literally the only person participating in this and since I’m the one who created it, it stands to reason that I like it, but I’m loving creating the monthly prompts in particular, as I include a section called ‘women of note’ and I’m learning a lot about some amazing women in history.

Still working away on my book collages which can be found on my Book Collages page. I adore doing these, they really are a ‘when the mood’ strikes kind of thing but they make me feel super creative when I make one and I’m so glad I started them.

There is lots more that can be found in Ramblings 2022 and Library 2022 and I do try to keep all the pages on the blog as up to date as I can. I think one of the reasons I decided to stop posting every day was because updating the pages is a job in itself! 🙂 I’ve had a fun first quarter though and hopefully quarter two will be just as good!

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