Quick April 2021 Reading Wrap-Up

So I just basically reread the whole month and I’m not sorry. Not sure how long this mood is going to last but it comes over me every now and then and I’ve learned not to fight it. If I fight it I end up in a slump and I sure as hell don’t want that. So rereading it is. I did manage to get a few new books in though so I did knock some books off the old tbr.

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4) – Kristen Ashley – 5 ⭐

One of my favourite Kristen Ashley books and a go to comfort read for me. Sometimes you just need a little comfort and an alpha-douche who I’d murder in real life. I just enjoy reading books like this when I’m not in the best place mentally.

Note: I always count this book as Chaos #1.

Own the Wind (Chaos #1) – Kristen Ashley – 5 ⭐

See above. The first chapter of this also always slays me. I’d also like to point out that it’s noted that Shy looks like Timothy Olyphant when he played Raylan Givens in Justified. Soooooo… 🤷‍♀️

Slave to Sensation 5⭐, Visions of Heat 4⭐, Caressed by Ice 5⭐, Mine to Possess 4.5⭐, Hostage to Pleasure 5⭐, Branded by Fire 4⭐, Blaze of Memory 5⭐, Bonds of Justice 5⭐, Play of Passion 4⭐, Kiss of Snow 5⭐, Tangle of Need 5⭐, Heart of Obsidian 5⭐, Shield of Winter 4.5⭐, Shards of Hope 5⭐ & Allegiance of Honor 5⭐ (Psy-Changeling Series 1-15) – Nalini Singh

Most of these were a reread and the last two were catching up on this series which is one of my all time favourite series. Kiss of Snow is one of my desert island books. I’m planning a proper post about this series but it’s a bit more work than I thought it would be what with the links and I have to cast the last three books. I have so many post ideas and such little follow through! 😀

So Allegiance of Honor is the end of the initial Psy-Changeling story arc so according to Nalini Singh it’s like Season 1 is over and Psy-Changeling Trinity is Season 2.

Allegiance of Honor was an ensemble cast. I was actually not really looking forward to it and I’m mad at myself because I adore multiple POV’s so I was always going to love an ensemble book. All my favourites made an appearance and it was the best way to end this arc.

After my Nalini Singh reread/binge I decided I needed to continue on with the KA one.

The Great Pretender: The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness by Susannah Cahalan – 5⭐

My non fiction for April and this was a must read. Full of twists and turns. Really well researched and eye opening. There are no easy answers to the mental health crisis in the US and well, the world over, but seeing the mess that the US has made of dealing with mental illness is a lesson for everywhere. Reading Brain on Fire before reading this would probably be useful but isn’t a must. I mention it because she does reference her journey quite a bit and while she does give an overview of what happened to her Brain on Fire really digs into her illness and how it was dealt with.

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