The Journey – Week 16

Overview: This was definitely a week where I pushed myself a little too hard and things kind of backfired. I do this. I push and push and then end up not wanting to do anything. This is where I lose perspective on the whole joy of movement thing, therefore I’ve decided to take a little break. I’m going to try and get out for my morning walk every weekday morning and get out into the garden for my movement every day. I know myself and if I keep pushing it I’ll end up miserable and avoid all the stuff I have been previously enjoying.

Monday (April 19th) – If I ever needed a recovery day today is that day. My body feels broken. I’m also covered in bruises. How does one get bruises digging a hole?

I keep on chanting ‘it will be worth it’ over and over.

Tuesday (April 20th) – 10,000 steps and planks. Went on a before work morning walk for the first time in a while and it was so nice. I’m really working on trying to get up properly early again and it’s harder than it should be but the day is so much calmer and I feel much more accomplished when I do it.

Today’s planks were predictably difficult but I enjoyed the challenge. Did this in the evening instead of in the morning because the walk was much longer due to some Moorhen activity on the way home that required us to stop and watch.

Cute Moorhen chick action

Wednesday (April 21st) – 10,000 steps and Pilates. Another morning walk. Out the door before 7.15am and after doing this two days in a row I think I’m the business. I really want to do this every week day.

Did Pilates during my lunch break. Another full body Pilates and it was great and it was also lots of fun.

Thursday (April 22nd) – Oh boy, today is hard. I didn’t have a great night as my hips were aching for some reason and kept me awake. I think it might be me just getting back to the longer walks so I did a smaller walk at 5,000 steps this morning and came home to get right into my daily workout which was a squat challenge, I had to replace one of them as it was a jumping squat and with my hips the way they were last night I didn’t want to chance it so replaced it with a deep squat which I took slowish and it felt nice.

I then attempted to do today’s yoga flow class and I just couldn’t manage it. I only got 15 minutes in and had to throw in the towel. I then decided to try one of my favourite hip opening flows with my favourite yoga instructor on the app and really struggled at about halfway through and had to stop. Sometimes the body and mind just aren’t one and it’s good to know when you aren’t going to get there. I was afraid if I pushed myself I’d hurt myself more. With the combination of everything my hips feel a little better but I’m kind of bummed I couldn’t manage what I had planned. I think this is where I need to practice that whole compassion element that was part of last weeks plan.

On the heels of trying to be more compassionate I finally did last weeks compassion mediation. I think it helped a little but I found sitting in the one position difficult after a while and found myself checking out a lot near the end but she said that was all part of it. I do find myself a bit more relaxed about not being able for everything today. Tomorrow is another day after all.

Friday (April 23rd) – Preparing myself for a big garden day tomorrow so taking it easy today and slept until late as I could and shuffled around for the day.

Saturday (April 24th) – Oh goodness!

We started in the garden at 8.30am and I finished at 4pm. It was incredibly sunny and I was absolutely not prepared for that so got myself burnt and ended up with slight heat exhaustion. Totally slayed it in the garden though! 😀

Sunday (April 25th) – Still suffering from the heat so today was a lot of dark rooms and sleep.

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