Goldsboro Books Subscriptions – March 2021

I really need to start a Goldsboro readathon. Instead I’m just over here rereading books I’ve read a thousand times before. Anyway, I digress, both these books sound fantastic and right up my street. I think The Absolute Book is going to be super interesting.

March Prem1er – The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

Taryn Cornick believes that the past is behind her — her sister’s death by violence, and her own ill-conceived revenge. She has chosen to live a life more professional than personal. She has written a book about the things that threaten libraries — insects, damp, light, fire, carelessness and uncaring. The book is a success, but not all of the attention it brings her is good.

There are questions about a fire in the library at Princes Gate, her grandparents’ house, and about an ancient scroll box known as the Firestarter. A policeman, Jacob Berger, has questions about a cold case. There are threatening phone calls. And a shadowy young man named Shift appears, bringing his shadows with him. Taryn, Jacob, Shift — three people are driven towards a reckoning felt in more than one world.

The Absolute Book is an epic fantasy, intimate in tone. A book where hidden treasures are recovered; where wicked things people think they’ve shaken from their trails find their scent again. A book about beautiful societies founded on theft and treachery, and one in which dead sisters are a living force. It is a book of journeys and returns, set in London, Norfolk, and the Wye Valley; in Auckland, New Zealand; in the Island of Apples and Summer Road of the Sidhe; at Hell’s Gate; in the Tacit with its tombs; and in the hospitals and train stations of Purgatory.

The Absolute Book by Elizabeth Knox

Everything about this edition is stunning. The foliage and the green are so gorgeous and that bird just keeps calling to me and can we all just talk about those end pages?!

March GSFF – The Shadow in the Glass by JJA Harwood

Once upon a time Ella had wished for more than her life as a lowly maid.

Now forced to work hard under the unforgiving, lecherous gaze of the man she once called stepfather, Ella’s only refuge is in the books she reads by candlelight, secreted away in the library she isn’t permitted to enter.

One night, among her beloved books of far-off lands, Ella’s wishes are answered. At the stroke of midnight, a fairy godmother makes her an offer that will change her life: seven wishes, hers to make as she pleases. But each wish comes at a price and Ella must to decide whether it’s one she’s willing to pay it.

The Shadow in the Glass by J.J.A. Harwood

I’m a big fan of magic systems that come with a price so I am very interested in this. I haven’t seen much about this book and I don’t really want to know too much so even though the blurb is a little vague I’m planning on eventually just diving in blind.

I need to stop rereading though! 😀

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