Quick March 2021 Reading Wrap-Up

It was a reading good month me, at the end of last month I relaised that I’d only read women of colour all month and because March was Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day was in there I decided to keep that going throughout March. I’d planned for my non-fiction pick to be Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir by Cinelle Barnes but I needed something a bit light to finish off the month. Hope to read it before the end of the year though.

Archangel’s Heart (Guild Hunter #9) by Nalini Singh – 5 ⭐

I didn’t love the addition of the secret sect of angels who all of a sudden are able to demand the most powerful angels in the world show up at their weird stronghold but I loved the end of this book and makes me excited about the books to come.

Archangel’s Viper (Guild Hunter, #10) by Nalini Singh – 5 ⭐

I liked this the first time I read it but I loved it even more the second time around. Things definitely escalated at a great speed between the main love interests but there has been tension between these two from early on an we could all see the way of things, it just took the two of them a bit longer to catch up! 😀

Archangel’s Prophecy (Guild Hunter #11) by Nalini Singh – 5 ⭐

Oh this was super entertaining. Stuff is really heating up in Prophecy. Cliffhangers of all cliffhangers at the end.

Archangel’s War (Guild Hunter #12) by Nalini Singh – 4.5 ⭐

The war started to bother me but it was mostly because the bitch just wouldn’t die. I can’t believe this story arc is over. A fair few surprises there at the end.

Now it’s time for The Hummingbird and Titus and to say I’m excited about this pairing is an understatement.

Archangel’s Sun (Guild Hunter #13) by Nalini Singh – 5 ⭐

A great addition. A little ‘insta’ but I loved both characters so I don’t even care. Can’t wait for the next books. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this series.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown (The Brown Sisters #3) by Talia Hibbert – 5 ⭐

Final Brown Sisters books and I’m sad. This was a lovely ending though. Eve is adorable and Jacob was such a grouch but in a very lovable way. His war on ducks reminds me of my was on pigeons.

The secondary characters in this were also fabulous and I hope we see the Montrose siblings in the near future!

The Bone Shard Daughter (The Drowning Empire #1) by Andrea Stewart – 5 ⭐

This was absolutely amazing. Multiple POV’s. Fabulous world building. Cute animal sidekick. I mean come on!! Can’t wait for the next book. Lot’s gets wrapped up but I feel like that’s all going to change in the next book. 

The Wedding Date (The Wedding Date #1) by Jasmine Guillory – 4.5 ⭐

Adorable! The perfect rainy Sunday afternoon reading. I thought the chemistry between Alexa and Drew was fabulous and I really enjoyed them both. I also liked the side characters and can’t wait to read their stories.

The Proposal (The Wedding Date #2) by Jasmine Guillory – 4 ⭐

This was cute, I didn’t love Nik and Carlos as much as I loved Alexa and Drew but I did like their meet-cute and I thought the relationship progression was rather nice. I’m a big fan of how much Jasmine Guillory is a fan of writing about food! A really big fan. I was starving after reading though!

Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox #1) by Julie Kagawa – 5 ⭐

Fabulous mix of characters and I really enjoyed how they all came together for their epic adventure. It was exciting and engaging while being funny and poignant at times

Soul of the Sword (Shadow of the Fox #2) by Julie Kagawa – 5 ⭐

Holy cow did it all kick off in this one and it sets us up for what you just know is going to be an epic finale. I think there was a bit more character development in this one and as a result might have felt a bit slow at times but I was delighted to get more one on one time with our merry band!

Night of the Dragon (Shadow of the Fox #3) by Julie Kagawa – 5 ⭐

This book broke me. I was utterly amazing and I’m so glad that I took the journey with them but I am broken.

Julie Kagawa is absolutely ruthless. I have to respect that ruthlessness but I’m still broken. 

Also, Yumeko is now in my top heroines list. She was fabulous!

The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient #1) by Helen Hoang – 5 ⭐

I really loved this book. I think Stella is one of my new favourite characters. Stella and Michael’s story was so sweet and super steamy.

The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient #2) by Helen Hoang – 5 ⭐

Helen Hoang is definitely a new auto-buy author. This was lovely. Both characters were wonderful and so freaking sweet together. It was a very emotional read, and like The Kiss Quotient, I cried a lot more than I expected, but Hoang manages a great emotional to laugh out load balance.

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae – 4 ⭐

I’d heard of Issa Rae but didn’t know a huge amount about her. I really enjoyed her writing and she is a great storyteller. I would have liked more though, I felt like it ended abruptly but I was entertained and find myself really liking her so I’ll be keeping an eye out for her in the future.

2 thoughts on “Quick March 2021 Reading Wrap-Up

  1. Oh my gosh, so many of these are on my TBR!!! Looks like you loved all the books you read this month, that’s AMAZING. 🙂 I love when that happens!! Great wrap up, I’m even more excited now for Bone Shard Daughter, Kiss Quotient, and Shadow of the Fox. Thanks!

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