The Journey – Week 12

Overview: This was a tough week because I was back to work but I managed to do some stuff during workouts that I’d not been able to do previously so that was cool. Those jump squats were tough but I honestly enjoyed that workout so much! Boxing workouts are the best.

Monday (March 22nd) – Back to work! Yay!! (*sarcasm*)

Oh it was hard to get up. So hard!! I did though and I began my week with a 10-Minute lower body boxing workout and what a way to begin the week. This was tough but I had an absolute blast doing it. So three set, three times. The second set had jump squats. I wasn’t able to even attempt jump squats are the start if this but I smashed these and honestly had so much fun. I then did my stretches from yesterday. They were needed.

Mid Jump Squat

I’d planned to go on a lunch walk but work was bananas and I didn’t get a chance and I’d planned to do some nighttime yoga but I got caught up in my book and had to finish it so I didn’t get around to it.

Tuesday (March 23rd) – Oh my poor legs!

Those jumps were fun but the front top of my legs are not happy. I can’t get down the stairs properly! 😀

No pain, pain just all muscles that don’t usually get a workout pain. Jumping high really does a number on you when you reach a certain age huh?

I’m shuffling today. Went out for my lunch walk which should take me about 25 minutes but this time took me nearly 40 minutes. Once I got home, I prepared my lunch and then did my the days workout which was a 10-Minute full body low-impact. Two sets, three times.

Here is the thing. Nothing in that second set was doable for me today.

So I used the nifty ‘replace exercise’ function and picked ones that would work in my current state of extreme muscle pain.

Wednesday (March 24th) – I had to go into the office today so I got my commute walk in and out which was actually pretty great. It was a beautiful day. I hope that once we start going back into the office it’s when days are like that and not in the depths of winter.

Tough going with the 10-minute workout today and it was only two movements but I jumped right into it after getting home from the office and it was Tabata and I just don’t like Tabata. Eight rounds of each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest and 1 minute in-between. It was just hard but you sure do feel the core burn.

Thursday (March 25th) – Still super sore from the start of the week so today I did yoga and stretches. I do feel that sometimes yoga cures everything for me. This was a nice restorative yoga and everything felt lovely after.

Friday (March 26th) – Decided to go mad today altogether and did a 10-Minutes dumbbell strength and a 35 Minute Cardio workout. I almost passed out. This was so hard for some reason but I did feel super good after. Did everything really early and was done for the day at 8.30am. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I wish I could manage this every day!

Saturday (March 27th) – Got up super early and did another 10-Minute Boxing workout and I still love these workouts. They are so much fun and I’m going to add these to the regular workouts in the future. Also did 10,000 steps today by going to the garden center and spending loads of money on garden things! 🙈

Sunday (March 28th) – Today I did nothing. I drank a lot of wine, ate cheese and crackers and napped.

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