The Journey – Week 13

Overview: So this week I was just not into doing anything. I could not get motivated and after doing the beating myself up about it thing I came to the conclusion (again) that I can take it easy if I want to and that sometimes that’s actually what I NEED to do.

By the end of the week I was definitely feeling a little better. I’ve also taken a social media break that started on Thursday and honestly started to feel better mentally by Saturday. It’s really freaking hard though! ๐Ÿ˜€

Monday (March 29th) & Tuesday (March 30th) – The body and mind are just exhausted. Usually when I’m tired and I contemplate not doing anything I know that by doing something I’ll feel better but I just couldn’t muster up any desire to do it and I thought a rest would be nice.

I did paint some garden planters on Tuesday evening but it was a gorgeous evening so it was more of an excuse to just sit outside and listen to podcasts.

Wednesday (March 31th) – I really thought after a few days rest I’d have lots and lots of energy to catch up on all the workouts I missed out on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I did the ones I missed out on but couldn’t manage today’s workout.

So today I did 10-Minute Tabata, 10-Minute Core and a 10-Minute stretch. I didn’t enjoy a single second of it! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I’m super glad I did it though. I was going to do a walk today but I couldn’t manage it.

Today’s workout should have been a 10-Minute Boxing workout but I’m going to attempt that tomorrow.

Thursday (April 1st) – Didn’t do the 10-Minute Boxing! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I did a hip opening yoga flow instead and I really needed it. One of the Tabata exercises yesterday was very heavy on the hips and they were tight and sore today.

Still exhausted and I’m very glad that my work week is over. I think it’s just one of those weeks.

Friday (April 2nd) & Saturday (April 3rd) – No workouts, because it’s a bank holiday for Easter I spent both days in the garden. Painting and clearing out flower beds. I don’t care what anyone says, garden work counts as a workout so it was not structured workouts but workouts it was!

Sunday (April 4th) – Did absolutely nothing. Read and napped and read some more.

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