What brings you joy in life?

Today’s Bloganuary prompt!

I mean my blog is primarily a book blog so this one kind of goes without saying right? 😀

Books! Books bring me joy!!

Books of all kinds. I’ll honestly read anything! My favourites are romance, fantasy and science fiction but I love a good non-fiction, classics, murder mysteries, horror (admittedly it’s been a few years since I read one of those, must fix that in 2023), thrillers, graphic novels, young adult and I’ve even read and loved a few children’s books with my nephews and nieces over the years. I love all books and all ways of reading. They are all equally as valid and if anyone tells you differently the only thing they are is a snob and I suggest never taking their advice on anything!

I have two libraries, one my dream come through physical library and my magical kindle library. Between them I have 4080 books on my TBR! Will I read them all before I die? Not at the rate I add to it or the rate I reread, but I’ll sure have fun trying! 😀

Books are little bundles of absolute joy and utter magic!

It’s no longer anywhere near this tidy!

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