What is a treasure that’s been lost?

Oh it’s time for Bloganuary and I’m a little late but it’s been a busy beginning to the New Year, so here I am on the 4th January with this title as my prompt.

I was actually only thinking about this recently after reading Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to Happiness, where he talks about his love of letter writing and you know I think most can a agree that it has become something of a lost treasure.

Handy though emails are, there is no substitute for the writing and receiving of handwritten letters. It is an enduring provider of happiness.

Bill Bailey

Bill tells the lovely story of how he and his wife began their courtship by writing letters while she lived in Edinburgh and he in London and it got me thinking about the insight written correspondence has given to us in regards to authors, poets, politicians, celebrities and all in between over the centuries. What will they use from now on when recounting grand love affairs or falling outs? Text message strings and Facebook posts? I don’t even send personal emails to be honest. Everything is sent in one or two line messages.

Even though I couldn’t tell you the last time I wrote or received a letter I think he is absolutely correct about it making the sender and receiver happy and I feel like I want to write to people this year, even if, as Bill suggests, it’s just sending a postcard while on holidays with a few lines on it. It’s a start!

Drawing from Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to Happiness

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