Pirate Queen – #MindforBooksPrompt

Kind of cheating on this one because I fell down on the job yet again with my posting schedule for my prompt challenge. So here we are with a kind of recycled post. I had a few other books I’d planned to hype for this post but I’ll leave them for another day I think. I adore books with a big voyage trope. They are the absolute best.

Fable by Adrienne Young is such a fabulously atmospheric book and the original cover for it and its sequel, Namesake, are stunning and I love that they match up.

So the recycled part of the post is this Fable – Collage I posted last year, it fits perfectly for this prompt and this is one of my favourites. Hopefully I’ll do one for Namesake soon. I was supposed to read it in July but I reread instead! I did read Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley which included a voyage so I kind of stuck to my plan?

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