Divine Ecstasy (1046)

This was such a fun series. I remember devouring it all over a week of annual leave. I need more books like this for when I need fun escapism. I wouldn’t be against reading this again actually! I feel I say that a lot! 😀

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author: Setta Jay
Series: Guardians of the Realms #8
Length: 284
Published: 31st January 2016
Date Read: 2nd August 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance


What fun!!!

I’ve had a soft spot for Sacha since the start and well Hades was amazing and wonderfully arrogant and probably the funniest out of all the males so far. Some new players have just landed on the field and only two books left. This is going to be good. I just know it!!

Synopsis for Book #1 – Hidden Ecstasy:

Ever since the Gods were sent to sleep for their sins against humanity, Vane, the son of Athena has been avoiding exile to the Immortal Realm. He, his dark, brooding twin and their sister have spent their lives hidden amongst humanity on Earth. According to their sister’s cryptic powers they needed to stay there for a purpose they’d yet to find. As the centuries ticked by he grew restless, recklessly tangling deeper with a very dangerous female.

As one of the Guardians of the Realms it was Brianne’s duty to ensure that humanity evolved without being subjugated by more powerful beings. For too long she had succumbed to the lure of a powerfully seductive Demi-God that could never truly be hers, one that she should have exiled long ago. It was a secret that could cost her, cost them all, but the danger only added to her need.

Their desire was breaking all the rules…

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