Move the Sun (661)

So in 2014/2015 I was very into the old MC romances. Sometimes you just want a total alphahole who you’d kill in real life but enjoy in a fantasy world where he isn’t your fella ya know? 😀

Nowadays I really need to be in the mood and as clear consent has become more and more the norm in romance I find myself getting mighty pissed off when it’s not in a book and well, MC romances don’t typically go for the whole consent thing!!

This is a super popular series and I’ve seen reviews where Jason Momoa is cast as Issac so…

Author: Susan Fanetti
Series: The Signal Bend #1
Length: 252
Published: 15th January 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Date added to TBR: 26th March 2014
Status: Definitely not ruling this one out. Waiting for when I’m in a more forgiving of the patriarchy mood. Might be a while! 😀


Lilli Accardo moves to the dying town of Signal Bend, Missouri, where the citizens have made a devil’s bargain to stay afloat. Lilli quickly garners the attention of the whole town, particularly Isaac Lunden, President of the Night Horde Motorcycle Club and de facto protector of the town and its citizens.

When it turns out that Lilli is there under murky circumstances, Isaac decides to get close and try to figure out what she’s hiding. Their chemistry is instantaneous and electric, but each is a potential danger to the other.

Action, sex, and drama ensue as Isaac and Lilli try to navigate the rocky terrain between trust and threat.

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