Nails, Nails, Nails

Pre-pandemic one of my biggest treats to myself was getting my nails done every month. During the pandemic I really needed that new nail dopamine hit so I started doing them myself. So every four to five weeks I gave myself an manicure and used nail wraps. Doing my nails myself was totally fine and just having them done over the past two years was enough. I actually thought that I’d do them myself forever but I noticed a cute nail bar near my house and decided to treat myself and well now we are back baby!!! 😀

I want to keep track of the looks that I get each month so going to do that here. Welcome to my first of my monthly nail update.

The manicure I’ll be getting is with “Builder in a Bottle” which is a soft gel overlay that helps you grow out your natural nail. It’s supposed to cause less damage to the nail as you don’t remove everything each time you get them done but instead fill in the growth on your nail. My nails are a good length as it is but I really would like to have them a little longer and a nice almond shape so I’m excited to see how this goes.

First look:

Unfortunately, until I win the lotto, I’ll need to give up another monthly expense in order to get back in the nail game. I think the Goldsboro Prem1er book subscription is going to be on the chopping block. Can’t have all the nice things and the nails feel like a winner as I see them every day and I’ll still be getting the Goldsboro GSFF so I’m still investing in the first editions.

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