Summer Solstice

Happy Litha!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous solstice. Mine began EARLY. It’s been warm here so I’ve had the windows venting, this keeps the room cool and safe at night. What it doesn’t do is block out the sound of magpies making an absolute racket at 4.00am on the dot!

So innocent looking!

I’m having some mixed feelings about magpies of late. They have always been one of my favourite birds because they are so clever and super majestic but two weeks ago I witnessed one attempt to rip apart a starling which I tried to save but sadly was too damaged by the time I got to it and little guy didn’t make it. They’ve also been throwing mulch all over my garden like little vandals and now they are making 4.00am wakeup calls!

So my solstice is going to be nice and long! 😀

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted in real time and not a scheduled post. I was on a great posting roll at the start of the year but life got busy and I had to take a little break. I hope to get back to it but I’m also trying to make sure I don’t start thinking of posting here as a chore. I’ve lots of ideas for future posts and a fair amount to catch up on but I’m just going to do things as I feel like it. Sometimes that will mean posting regularly, sometimes that will mean a lot of scheduled posts and sometimes that will mean little breaks. I’ve a few TBR posts I’ll backdate but aside from that I’m just going to post some posts late, such as my MindforBooks Prompt Challenge (which I’m woefully behind on) I also need to do something about my The Golden Girls posts and I have lots of hiking updates. So lots of content, now to find the time to create it!

Have a lovely solstice. I personally like the summer solstice because it means autumn is on the way. I do like a longer day but I also struggle with it being light until 11.00pm and starting again at 4.00am. I think 10.00pm should be the cut off and morning light should start at 6.00am. Who do I talk to about making this an everyday thing?

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