Someone to Watch Over Me (1370)

I’m mad for historical romance but I definitely have my limits when it come to the heroes and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ was a limit for me. I hated Grant Morgan in 2020 and two years later I still hate him. I never actually continued this series because he left such a bad taste and I’m afraid that the heroes in the other books will be similar.

It’s important to note that I read this in the few days running up to lockdown number one so I was unable for bullshit. Maybe I’ll finish the series one day?

Rating: ⭐⭐

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Series: Bow Street Runners #1
Length: 362
Published: December 1998
Date Read: March 2020
Genre: Historical romance

Review from 2020:

Terribly disappointing.

Grant Morgan had the potential to be a great character but instead he was a self righteous misogynistic asshole. Yes, yes historical and all that but it felt to me that he really hated women and I feel bad for his wife.

Really not up to the typical Lisa Kleypas standard.

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