Goldsboro Books Subscriptions – February 2022

Two books I’m excited about this month.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about When We Were Birds and this cover would work well for my MindforBooks Prompt Challenge in May. So I’ve decided I’m going to read it in May.

February Prem1er – When We Were Birds by Ayanna Gillian Lloyd

Prem1er subscription details can be found here.

Darwin is a down-on-his-luck gravedigger, newly arrived in the city of Port Angeles to seek his fortune, young and beautiful and lost. Estranged from his mother and the Rastafari faith she taught him, he is convinced that the father he never met may be waiting for him somewhere amid these bustling streets.

Meanwhile in an old house on a hill, where the city meets the rainforest, Yejide’s mother is dying. And she is leaving behind a legacy that now passes to Yejide: the power to talk to the departed. The women of Yejide’s family are human but also not – descended from corbeau, the black birds that fly east at sunset, taking with them the souls of the dead.

Darwin and Yejide both have something that the other needs. Their destinies are intertwined, and they will find one another in the sprawling, ancient cemetery at the heart of Port Angeles, where trouble is brewing…

When We Were Birds by Ayanna Gillian Lloyd

I love how colourful this edition is, it makes me so excited so start it.

February GSFF – The Justice of Kings (Empire of the Wolf #1) by Richard Swan

Waitlist for the GSFF subscription and buying options for previous picks can be found here.

As an Emperor’s Justice, Sir Konrad Vonvalt always has the last word. His duty is to uphold the law of the empire using whatever tools he has at his disposal: whether it’s his blade, the arcane secrets passed down from Justice to Justice, or his wealth of knowledge of the laws of the empire. But usually his reputation as one of the most revered—and hated—Justices is enough to get most any job done.

When Vonvalt investigates the murder of a noblewoman, he finds his authority being challenged like never before. As the simple case becomes more complex and convoluted, he begins to pull at the threads that unravel a conspiracy that could see an end to all Justices, and a beginning to lawless chaos across the empire.

The Justice of Kings (Empire of the Wolf #1) by Richard Swan

This sounds like something I would really love BUT a review from someone who reads a lot more fantasy then I do mentioned that she found it a little too grim for her. Now I like my grimdark but I’m a tiny bit scared now! I’ll see how my fantasy mood goes I guess. There are days I crave the dark and violent! 😀

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