American Love Songs (1711)


I’ve a weird aversion to rock star/movie star romances. No idea why, I’ve not read a lot of them and some of my favourite authors have written them. Stories about famous people just hasn’t ever appealed to me. This sounds like it is about famous people?

Anyway, last year I read and LOVED The Grip Trilogy by Kennedy Ryan and that had a very famous male lead, I think it’s time I branch out!

Anyone else avoid certain tropes for no apparent reason?

Author: Ashlyn Kane
Series: N/A
Length: 260
Published: 31st December 2010
Genre: M/M Romance
Date added to TBR: 29th May 2015

Status: Maybe? I’ve some Nalini Singh ‘famous people’ romances to read, maybe they’ll give me the push I need?


Jake Brenner has too many wild oats to sow to fall in love—or so he claims. Besides, he’s much too busy with his band, the Wayward Sons, to go looking for romance. His reticence has nothing to do with his embarrassing crush on Chris, the band’s lead singer and Jake’s erstwhile best friend. But that was before enigmatic wanderer Parker McAvoy signed on as the band’s new lead guitarist.

He can only deny his attraction to sweet, dorky Parker for so long before the urge to do something about it becomes impossible to ignore. The trouble is, Parker knows all about Jake’s philandering ways—and oh, yeah, he’s not gay. Or so Jake thinks until a string of related events provides encouraging new insight. Can he convince Parker to overlook his colorful past and give him a chance? Or will this love song fade out before it even begins?

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