The Light of the Midnight Stars (3698)

This is one of the many Goldsboro editions that I had to have and was excited to read but after delays receiving it I kind of felt a bit bleh about reading it.

As a mood reader I’m seriously starting to consider giving up buying physical books and going back to reading exclusively on my kindles. The rapid increase in the price of books is also encouraging me to make this a reality.

I feel like this will be a tough read but it sounds like it has potential to be a great one.

Author: Rena Rossner
Series: N/A
Length: 432
Published: 13th April 2021
Genre: Historical Fiction
Date added to TBR: 7th April 2021
Status: 99.9% I’ll read in 2022


Deep in the Hungarian woods, the sacred magic of King Solomon lives on in his descendants. Gathering under the midnight stars, they pray, sing and perform small miracles – and none are more gifted than the great Rabbi Isaac and his three daughters. Each one is blessed with a unique talent – whether it be coaxing plants to grow, or predicting the future by reading the path of the stars.

When a fateful decision to help an outsider ends in an accusation of witchcraft, fire blazes through their village. Rabbi Isaac and his family are forced to flee, to abandon their magic and settle into a new way of life. But a dark fog is making its way across Europe and will, in the end, reach even those who thought they could run from it. Each of the sisters will have to make a choice – and change the future of their family forever.

The Light of the Midnight Stars by Rena Rossner

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