Weekend Jaunts

I think I’d like to make this a kind of feature, it’s not like I do a huge amount at the weekends, especially since the old pano hit but I’m lucky that I have the time and the freedom to do as I please at the weekends and we do try to get out and do something now that everything is opening up more. This past Saturday we got to do one of my favourite things, we went to a famer’s market. Not very exciting but I love it. We live a 15 minute walk away from a pretty cool indoor farmer’s market. They have loads of organic veg but there is also a specialised gluten and dairy free bakery, an organic butcher and fishmongers, a cheesemongers, a health food shop and a artisan food store that has the best Sicilian olives! It also has live music and lots of artist stalls!

We have lived in our house for almost 3 years now and we only started going here after the last big lockdown. Now COVID has been almost 2 years so I guess we could blame that. We also spent all our Saturday’s prior to it doing house things BUT we literally had to walk past this place to get to the hardware store each Saturday. Think of all the olives I could have had!!

So this is what we did on Saturday. The picture on the top left is my haul. The veg shop was giving away a free bunch of daffodils with each purchase so that was nice. I made a pretty tasty curry pumpkin soup out of the pumpkin and our cake treats were delicious. I had a carrot muffin and himself had a brownie. We actually end up halving the treats over two days because there is so much eating in them. 😀 The owners of that cake stall are also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life!!

This coming weekends adventure is a weekend away with my family. Goodness knows how that will go. Hopefully we’ll all make it through in one piece! 😀

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