The Golden Girls – Season 2

This post is going to be a little tough because someone spent a Sunday afternoon binging and now I need to try and remember all the episodes at once! πŸ˜€

Here we go…

26 “End of the Curse”

Wow, were the ladies seriously talking about menopause like it was something to look forward to? This myth is bananas to me. Spending any time with my mother and her sisters cured me of this misconception years ago but I feel like we are only starting to debunk this idea in recent years.

Some lovely poignant Blanche moments though. Rue McClanahan won an Emmy Award for her performance in this episode and it was well deserved. I also adored how supportive all the girls were in this episode. Baby or no.

27 “Ladies of the Evening”

What a weird episode. Hilarious but weird. Bae Arthur was hilarious this entire episode!

Dorothy: ‘Listen, you punk! You wanna fight with someone, you’re gonna have to fight with me, but I warn you, I did time in Attica.’

Sex worker in Jail: ‘Attica’s a men’s prison!’

Dorothy: ‘I know. I was there a year before they found out.’

Sex worker in Jail: [backing down] ‘Sorry, chief. I didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers.’

Blanche: ‘Oh, Dorothy, that was magnificent. How did you ever pull that off?’

Dorothy: ‘I work in the public school system. It’s not that different from this.’

And a cameo from Mr Burt Reynolds himself. I think this is the first big star cameo? There may have been people in season 1 that I’m too young to recognise, this is the first big one for me. πŸ˜€

28 “Take Him, He’s Mine”

I find I go back-and-forth with how I feel about Blanche and this episode was a good indication as to why that is. No matter what Dorothy says, Stan is off limits. Also, he is Stan and that should be enough for him to be off limits. So I was annoyed with her and then she ends up being utterly understanding and forgiving and I find myself being smitten with her. This is my constant state when it comes to Blanche!

29 “It’s a Miserable Life”

I dunno, I think I have big Mrs Claxton energy!

10 things you didn't know about the 'Golden Girls' | Page 2 | Lipstick Alley

Although I love trees. People are my problem! πŸ˜€

30 “Isn’t It Romantic?”

Top tier episode! I loved everything about this episode but most of all I loved all the acceptance. 1986 acceptance but it really felt like an episode way ahead of it’s time. It was really very sweet.

Sophia: Jean thinks she’s in love with Rose!

Blanche: Rose? Jean has the hots for Rose? I don’t believe it! I do not believe it!

Dorothy: I was pretty surprised myself!

Blanche: Well, I bet! To think Jean would prefer Rose over me, that’s ridiculous!

31 “Big Daddy’s Little Lady”

Another episode where I wasn’t a fan of Blanche’s. Jumps the gun with her father again but this time she managed to be even worse than the last time!

The B plot was epic in this episode. Dorothy and Rose’s Miami song deserved to win that $10,000!

32 “Family Affair”

I initially thought that everyone was overreacting to Bridget and Michael getting together and then I thought about my parents catching me in bed with a person I just met and I feel Sofia’s reaction in particular was justified! πŸ˜€

The Golden Girls > Family Affair - Episode @ omdb

33 “Vacation”

This episode has literally haunted me for years. I’m still, to this day, afraid of ending up on a vacation like this!

I loved Sophia’s vacation though, sushi and kissing. Sounds perfect! πŸ˜€

34 “Joust Between Friends”

Blanche “because I was a Big jerk” Devereaux outdid herself in this episode. I wanted to slap her.

Sophia seemed close to doing just that. She really went mama bear on Blanche and I loved her for it.

Side note: I wonder was the stray dog Betty White’s dog in real life? She was a big doggo fan and they seemed to have a bond.

Golden Girls and the Animals |

35 “Love, Rose”

This was definitely ‘things got out of hand’ episode. Poor Rose! I know Blanche and Dorothy were just trying to be nice and make Rose feel better about not getting any replies to her dating advert but they took it way too far.

Dorothy: Oh come on now Rose, don’t let this bother you. You’ll date again.

Blanche: Of course she will. Honey have you given any thought to advertising?

Rose: Oh Blanche! I could never dress the way you do. Besides, I have to wear undies. Not all my wool skirts are lined.

36 “‘Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas”

This was one of those episodes that had so much going on it felt like it was twice as long as it was. Blanche sleeps with Santa, they all exchange gifts, they are all held hostage at a grief counseling center, make it to their flight gates just in time only for a storm to ground them all and they end Christmas Eve running a diner and watching it snow in Miami!

37 “The Sisters”

Sophia’s sister is a surprise present and the surprise is they fell out 40 years prior!

Blanche: Did you get them talking?

Dorothy: Nope. I’ve just spent a half-hour out in the hall talking to two closed doors.

Rose: Don’t feel bad, Dorothy. Sometimes, when I’m upset, I talk to the little pigs on my shower curtain.

38 “The Stan Who Came to Dinner”

Stan really is the worst and him outstaying his welcome was absolutely not a surprise. Sophia inviting him to stay because he is family was out of character. Kicked. To. The. Curb.

It was kind of poignant how Dorothy talked about how she’d miss him if something happened to him as he’d been such a big part of her life.

39 “The Actor”

Another top tier episode. The actual play part had me howling in laughter!

Rose: I feel so common, so cheap… so used. How do you usually deal with that Blanche?

Blanche: …Rose, just for that I’m going to flush the toilet tonight while you’re taking a shower.

Dorothy: Rose, why don’t we just show Mr. Vaughn around the theatre.

Blanche: Well, why don’t I just do that myself, since I’ve had the most experience performing here.

Dorothy: Blanche, the parking lot doesn’t count, I’ll do it.

40 “Before and After”

Wow, Rose really went off the rails in this one. I mean for sure stop trying to please everyone but holy moly!

So like, an actual midlife crisis here right?

41 “And Then There Was One”

Oh Blanche just broke my heart in this episode.

I know previous episodes have touched on the difficult relationship Blanche has with her children but this episode explained the reasons why and it was for sure sad. I do feel like a Blanche in Golden Girls set in 2022 would be childfree!

42 “Bedtime Story”

Such a fun episode, I love a flashback episode especially when midnight snacks are involved. This made me want baked Ziti though.

The clowns and the station employee were a very funny!

I made the mistake of looking up what ‘chipped beef’ was:

Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast Recipe |

43 “Forgive Me, Father”

Bad priest behavior!

I’ve not had anything to do with a priest in about 20 years but they aren’t supposed to behave this way.

Blanche: Sweet Jesus, why am I babbling?

I meant that in all due reverence, I never take the Lords name in vain.

Oh God, now I am lying to a priest.

44 “Long Day’s Journey Into Marinara”

Sophia’s sister is back and decides to move to Miami for some reason. I think to be close to family?

I didn’t love this episode! The stuff with the chicken saved it for me.

Golden Girls S2E19 - Count Bessie playing piano. | Golden girls, Playing  piano, Bessie

45 “Whose Face Is This, Anyway?”

After going to visit her old college friends Blanche feels old and decide she is going to have ALL the cosmetic surgery. What shocked me in this episode was how amazing the surgeon was. I was shocked that he basically told Blanche that trying to make the outside perfect wasn’t going to fix what was troubling her on the inside.

The same Doctor asking Blanche out on a date made the episode feel much more 80’s though. πŸ˜€

46 “Dorothy’s Prized Pupil”

Mario Lopez pops up in this episode. I’d have been excited about that if I was a fan of his but I have some problems with him pertaining to Britney Spears. It’s a team CON thing.


This was a sad episode and I was totally caught off guard with the end.

Some great Rose and Sophia banter in this episode.

Rose: The president’s married to Nancy Davis now.

Sophia: From “All About Eve”?

Rose: That was Bette Davis.

Sophia: The one who beat her children with wire hangers?

Rose: That was Joan Crawford.

Sophia: The fat cop from “Highway Patrol”?

Rose: That was Broderick Crawford.

Sophia: The president was married to Broderick Crawford?

47 “Diamond in the Rough”

Ha, my notes on this episode? ‘Blanche was rude.’

And she really was, Jake was what we now call an Alpha and we pay for books with characters like him in them! πŸ˜€

48 “Son-in-Law Dearest”

Hmmm! My problem with this episode is Kate went a little hard at Dorothy for her not wanting her to take back her cheating husband. Kate came all the way to Miami to tell her parents she was leaving Dennis because he cheated. She knows her mother right? She knows that she is going to react the way she does so I think it was very unfair of Kate to DEMAND that Dorothy just deal with it.

Luckily Sophia was knocking about offering great advice.

The ‘I Love Lucy’ marathon and finding out Rose and Charlie were dynamite between the sheets was a pleasant and funny surprise!

Rose: ‘I never realised you could have that much fun staying up all night.’

Blanche: ‘OH, not even with Charlieeeee?’

Rose: ‘Oh we never stayed up all night. Just seven to midnight every night and five to seven every morning, and of course until noon on a Sunday.’

Blanche: ‘Good Lord, no wonder you still mourn that man!’

49 “To Catch a Neighbor”

George Clooney episode!


I just about fell out of my chair when George appeared! He was adorable when he was young.

Cops using the girls house as an undercover base is my new favourite thing!

50 “A Piece of Cake”


Golden Girls Birthday GIFs | Tenor

Dorothy: ‘Just listen, we are throwing a surprise birthday party for Blanche. I want you to go out to the lanai and mingle with the other guests.’

Sophia: ‘Check! What’s a lanai?’

Dorothy: ‘The porch!

Sophia: ‘Excuse me Cristal Carrington!’

I loved this exchange between Dorothy and Sophia because I’ve been asking everyone if they know what a lanai was since I’ve started rewatching this and nobody knew. Apparently lanai is a Hawai’ian word and the distance between Miami and Hawai’i is 4,751 miles so I feel like it wouldn’t be common in Miami, but what do I know? If nothing else The Golden Girls as taught me a new word for porch!

51 “Empty Nests”

I honestly had no clue what was going on! I had to Google why these people were taking over the season finale of Season 2. Only for the fact that the girls were actually in it I’d have thought there was a mistake. So I took to the Google and it appears this was a backdoor pilot for the series Empty Nest. It didn’t get picked up at this time though. Not surprised. It was terrible. πŸ˜€

They went back to the drawing board and Empty Nest ran with a difference cast and story from 1988 to 1995 with some Golden Girls crossovers.

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