Random TBR and Read Books: New Series

Okie dokie karaoke, I’ve decided to start a new series because I’m having a really lovely time blogging recently and I’ve got lots of ideas knocking about in the old noggin that I think could be fun. This feels like a series that would be easy to do ahead of time so I could work up a few when time permits and schedule them (I’ve fallen in love with scheduling posts) and I think they’d also be pretty easy to do on the move so I could potentially do them on the beach or a train or what have you!

So what’s this one about? This will actually be two sperate series. It makes more sense given that I’ve got WAY more books on my TBR than on my read shelf.

How it will work:

Simple really! I’ll enter the number of books on my TBR or my read shelf into a random number generator and look the book up on my Goodreads shelves then post about it. As the numbers will obviously change as I’ll be adding to both shelves regularly, I’ll just go again if I land on the same number or the same book.

The posts will vary. If it’s on the read shelf and I’ve reviewed it I might just post the review. If I’ve not reviewed it I’ll post about what I can remember of it or whatever it brings to mind. Who knows? 😀

With the TBR posts I’ll add the year I added it and talk about the reality of me ever getting to it, or if indeed I’m even interested anymore (oh this might help me take some of those old books off the massive TBR!) and if I can remember, post about why I added it in the first place.

I think it might be a good idea to develop a little template for each post? 🤔

Anyways, I hope this will be fun little series that won’t (famous last words) be too time consuming and could help me tackle my TBR.

As it stands:

Yes, that TBR amount is embarrassing!

3 thoughts on “Random TBR and Read Books: New Series

  1. I wonder what the dnf category is and the books on it. Do you ever have several books on your currently reading list? That’s a massive number of titles on your want to read list! Thanks for the breakdown.


    1. I’m terrible at DNF’ing. It’s something I want to get better because I tend to torture myself finishing books I just don’t like. A book usually ends up on the DNF if the writing is terrible. I typically read about 2 books at the same time. Sometimes 3.

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    2. Just in case I’m reading this as a question as to what “DNF” stands for, thought I’d pipe up that I’ve learned that “DNF” stands for “did not finish”.


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