Little Staycation!

We had a very, very small staycation last week.

I’ve been finding it difficult to get back into ‘the world’ since things have opened back up here so I’ve been trying to do little things. This was very little. One night away about 40 minutes from the house.

All masked up and out in the world

We were in the middle of a heatwave so we were dead lucky with the weather and I had a fabulous time but of course I had a lot of anxiety after.

I’m now finally fully vaccinated though so hope to be brave and do a few more ‘normal’ things in preparation for our upcoming trip to Portugal in October. The way things are going it’s not looking that likely we will get to go to Portugal but I want to be mentally prepared just in case, so I’m acting as if it will happen. I’d likely end up having a panic attack in the airport if a plane trip was my first trip!

Our staycation took us to Dún Laoghaire and Dalkey and it actually felt a lot like being in Portugal. It was lovely finally getting out to the seaside!

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