The Journey – Week 15

Overview: Speeding through this as I was not on top of keeping this updated last week and as a result I can’t really remember everything! 😀

Monday (April 12th) – Compassion cardio – This did not feel like compassion. THIS WAS SO HARD!


I felt like I was super woman after it.

Tuesday (April 13th) – Planks, yoga and bravery meditation from Friday – So I naively thought that the planks for today would be super quick and therefore not much of an issue because it was a 5 minute workout. I was so wrong. Wow, they were tough but I got up super early specifically to workout and the day was beautiful so I did a nice hip yoga after the planks and rounded it all off with the mediation from last week.

As we’ve learned, I’m not fantastic with mediation and it’s hard to set myself up to do Friday meditation, a beautiful sunny morning was the perfect morning to do this and I have to say it was a wonderful way to start my day.

Wednesday (April 14th) – Pilates – Super early start again and today was another full body Pilates but the one listed wasn’t loading so I did a different full body from the same instructor, who I absolutely love.

Spent the evening (another beautiful one) in the garden working on my herb garden wall.

Thursday (April 15th) – Spent my active time today and the evening working on my herb garden again. This ended up being a lot more work than I thought it would be but was a Pinterest project that was worth the effort. Delighted with how it turned out.

Herb garden

Friday (April 16th) – Squats and Pilates – Did yesterday’s squat challenge and the Pilates that wouldn’t load on Wednesday and both were tough. This week was supposed to about ‘compassion’ and I’m not sure that translated for me. 😀

Saturday (April 17th) & Sunday (April 18th) – We decided to plant bamboo in our garden. This seemed like a good idea as it’s fast growing and works as a good screen for a particular section of our garden that needs a screen. Research showed that it’s important to install a bamboo guard before you plant it so that it doesn’t take over yours and everyone else’s garden.

Three bamboos are going in a 3.5 meter length space. The bamboo guard needs to go down 2 feet. Digging is really bloody hard. I tried my hardest to be a help but my lack of upper boy strength was not the best help but I tapped away at it and I was totally broken after it but we are over halfway now. I’m dreading next weekend! 😀

Current nightmare!

This flowerbed better look bloody amazing and I will be doing a blog post on it because this amount of work needs to be recorded.

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