The Journey – Week 6

Overview: Ugh, this week was the WORST!

I for sure hit a wall this week. I think I might be pushing myself a bit too much or I’m being too hard on myself or I don’t know, the constant lockdown is getting to me? It was just a tough week and we all have tough weeks! 🤷‍♀️

The biggest take away is that I need to go easy on myself, if I’m not in a good place it’s okay to take a break. The break could be the thing that changes the negative feelings.

Also, before bed Yoga could be a thing I need to look into more seriously.

A big plus to this week though is that I’m still seeing improvements and I’m still getting stronger. I can’t believe I spent most of Saturday on my feet and was able to move around the next day!

Monday (February 8th) – Didn’t sleep well last night and Sunday was giving me Monday dread feelings so now I’m just not loving life.

Today’s workout was 1,000 punch strength workout with Emily. I did feel good after it but I suspect I’m going to feel this one and I know already I’m not in a good headspace this week.

I did a 5 km walk at lunch. In the snow. This did not improve me mood.

Had an early night because last night was so bad for sleep and tonight was worse. *sigh*

Everyday can’t be a good day.

Tuesday (February 9th) – Still not feeling this week.

I wasn’t expecting to be fully motivated all the time and I’m shocked it’s taken until week 6 for it to hit but it’s bumming me out.

Today’s workout was a quickie. Glutes and Thighs Pilates. It was 2 rounds of 10 exercises as fast as you can. My upper body is ON FIRE after yesterday. It’s a good burn but wow it’s a killer so I welcomed a glute workout. Some of it needed arm movements though and I didn’t think I’d make it. The hardest was Pilates Hundred.

Pilates Hundred – 8 fit screen grab

Followed my workout with a Restorative Yoga class by my favourite Yoga instructor in the hopes it would put a pep in my step. It didn’t. Some lovely hip movements though.

Also did a very slow 2.5 km lunch time walk.

Wednesday (February 10th) – Stayed up until 1am to finish a book I started at 6pm yesterday. I haven’t been sleeping anyway so I don’t regret it. It was a reread of one of my favourites and put me in a nice sleeping mood.

Today I did a HIIT Pilates shake out class. I really didn’t want to get up and do it to be honest, probably because of the late night reading that I still don’t regret. This turned out to be the same Pilates workout from week 1 and I was able to do lots of the moves I wasn’t able to do in week 1 but man I found it so tough. I know this has a lot to do with my motivation levels this week but everything feels so hard. 😦

Tried to walk off the ‘sad’ and went for a 5 km walk at lunch time. Didn’t work.

Today’s program workout was Goodnight Flow Yoga. I did not love having to take out the mat out before bed and the idea of doing it kind of annoyed me all evening BUT it was actually really nice and I felt relaxed for the first time all week. I also slept really well until 4am and then I was wide awake for a couple of hours.

Thursday (February 11th) – So, the week is not going so well. The mood is really not great and my motivation is running on empty so decided to not push myself too much today.

Today’s program workout was a a quick 10 minute Upper Body Workout. There was a little bit of cardio in there so got the heart rate up and arms and shoulders got a good burn. I did it super early and once I was done with my stretches I had a shower and got into cosy loungewear. I had a lazy filling breakfast and started my workday calm.

It was a busy workday but not hectic and no meetings. At lunch, instead of a walk I made homemade granola for next week and enjoyed my lunch with no rushing. I worked a little longer than usual because of the lazy breakfast but logged off at 5pm and spent the evening pottering about and reading.

I think this helped. Maybe I just need a little rest and it’s given me an idea for the weekend to ensure I have a proper rest day!

Friday (February 12th) – Slept really well and woke up at a reasonable hour without the need of my alarm so today is already a win! 😀

Did a 30 minute HITT class before work. These classes are really tough and I so wish they weren’t on a Friday but I guess it’s good to book end the week day with cardio. I needed to modify one of the moves. He does diamond sit-ups and I’ve only just started getting my core working right, and I can’t see how sit-ups are good for the lower back, so I did Pilates Bicycle Kicks instead. My core burns and it was really hard while doing them so I’m going to assume it works just as well.

Today’s program is meditation for anxiety. Could have used this at the start of the week. 😉 I just knew I was never going to do this tonight so I did it right after work just before I had a glass of Prosecco. I can definitely say that both helped.

Saturday (February 13th) – I decided I wanted one day over the weekend where I didn’t ‘have’ to do anything. This week was so hard and taking it somewhat easy on Thursday really highlighted how much I needed a day off. I picked Sunday. So I cut the walk a little shorter today. Did 8 km and then did all my meal prep when I got home.

It was a tiring day for sure but, I made a lasagna which is always time consuming and requires a lot of time on my feet. After an 8 km walk and a few hours cooking, my back was a little tired but otherwise totally fine. Only 6 weeks ago I wasn’t able to make anything for meal prep that required any length of time on my feet. It’s amazing to me that I’ve come this far and after a hard week this made me appreciate me and the work I’ve been doing.

Sunday (February 14th) – Slept in and had another lazy breakfast.

Spent the day doing my nails, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I started and finished a lovely romance book.

Having a day of not doing anything too tiring was wonderful and was a great way to end a really tough week. I think I’m ready to face next week!

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