The Dreaded TBR Lists!

I find it really difficult to successfully complete planned monthly TBR’s. Two of the biggest issues I have are:

1. My online tracker tells me my current overall TBR is 3703 books. So more often than not I get overwhelmed and can’t even start a plan. Like how do I even go about sifting through all that in order to come up with something?

2. I’m a total mood reader and as soon as I make a monthly plan I inevitably want read something completely different. It’s like I’m rebelling against myself or something.

I made a very rough list of what to read this month and it was all going very well but my overall mood isn’t great and when that happens I always end up with a deep desire to reread old favourites, which is what I’ve now ended up doing.

The Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh being my current drug of choice. I also think the reason I’m even in a slump is because I’ve had this series on my mind for a while and was threatening to reread it in order to read the new book in the series. I kept knocking away at my TBR instead though and now my brain is telling me it has enough and is on strike until I catch up with Raphael and Elena. It’s just what my brain does when I’ve been thinking about a book or series for a long time.

I’m hoping to read the first three and then try a new book followed by the next three and so on. I think it will be a nice mix and will hopefully help me read a few of those 3703 books.

First three Guild Hunter books

I have a book club book I really must read in February (toying with the idea of starting it on audio) and a non-fiction I really want to read in February. I’m trying to read one non-fiction a month. Would we call that a monthly planned TBR? 😀

Have you any planned monthly TBR tricks?

How do you stay on track?

2 thoughts on “The Dreaded TBR Lists!

  1. Sameee – everytime I make a monthly reading list – I end up wanting to read other books! Last year I’d plan my books out in advance but would end up reading only 50% of my TBR for the month. But this year I’m going with the flow, reading what I’m in the mood for then and it’s been so great so far! I’m through with 6.5books – which is a lot for me! 🙈

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