Week 3 – Challenge update

Oh this week I felt the BURN and I felt it in my legs and booty! I decided to make this one a heavy on the lower half and to load it all up top of the week. It was killer. Friday and Saturday I was visiting family and needed to fit in workouts so I wanted to add quick and less sweaty workouts for those days.

Recently I’ve noticed how strong my core has gotten and I’m becoming a little obsessed about making it better and better. Especially since I’ve started my Grace & Frankie rewatch and have begun to appreciate how important the core is as we get older. I mean I know I’m not 80 yet (I want to be Jane Fonda when I grow up) but I never want getting off the couch or the toilet to be an issue so I’m making it my mission for the next (hopefully) 40 years! 😀

So another tough week and another good week. I have 10 days to go with this challenge and I can totally feel the results. How fun!

I’m using MadFit‘s December workout calendar from 2021 as a template for this challenge.

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