Goldsboro Books Subscriptions – July 2022

I was supposed to read Truly, Darkly, Deeply for Halloween. I didn’t not read Truly, Darkly, Deeply. I reread a book in a series I’ve read a million times before because I have apparently now desire to work on my tbr! 😀

I adore this edition of The Final Strife. It’s stunning! A friend of mine whose recommendations I fully trust has raved about this book so I’m really excited about reading it.

July Prem1er – Truly, Darkly, Deeply by Victoria Selman

Prem1er subscription details can be found here.

12-year-old Sophie and her mother, Amelia-Rose, move to London from Massachusetts where they meet the charismatic Matty Melgren, who quickly becomes an intrinsic part of their lives. But as the relationship between the two adults fractures, a serial killer begins targeting young women with a striking resemblance to Amelia-Rose.

When Matty is eventually sent down for multiple murders, questions remain as to his guilt — questions which ultimately destroy both women. Nearly twenty years later, Sophie receives a letter from Battlemouth Prison informing her Matty is dying and wants to meet. It looks like Sophie might finally get the answers she craves. But will the truth set her free — or bury her deeper?

Truly, Darkly, Deeply by Victoria Selman

July GSFF – The Final Strife by Saara El-Arifi

Waitlist for the GSFF subscription and buying options for previous picks can be found here.

Red is the blood of the elite, of magic, of control.
Blue is the blood of the poor, of workers, of the resistance.
Clear is the blood of the slaves, of the crushed, of the invisible

Sylah dreams of days growing up in the resistance, being told she would spark a revolution that would free the empire from the red-blooded ruling classes’ tyranny. That spark was extinguished the day she watched her family murdered before her eyes.

Anoor has been told she’s nothing, no one, a disappointment, by the only person who matters: her mother, the most powerful ruler in the empire. But when Sylah and Anoor meet, a fire burns between them that could consume the kingdom—and their hearts.

Hassa moves through the world unseen by upper classes, so she knows what it means to be invisible. But invisibility has its uses: It can hide the most dangerous of secrets, secrets that can reignite a revolution. And when she joins forces with Sylah and Anoor, together these grains of sand will become a storm.

As the empire begins a set of trials of combat and skill designed to find its new leaders, the stage is set for blood to flow, power to shift, and cities to burn.

The Final Strife by Saara El-Arifi

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