Pride – #MindforBooksPrompt

“by the skin of my teeth

me getting this prompt post in before the end of Pride month

Another post I had great plans for and now here we are with me trying to get this over the line at the eleventh hour! I wonder how I’ll do the rest of the year? 😀

So, doing a top five 5 star reads from some of my favourite LGBTQIA+ authors. The reviews were the reviews I wrote at the time of reading them. I think I’ll need to go back and give more in depth reviews one I read some of them again. I’ve read The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet three times and it’s still a bit vague though so how really knows at this point!

1. Burn by Patrick Ness

“Sometimes you just have to feel bad about a thing. Sometimes that’s the only thing that makes you human.”



Multiple POV.


Alternate universe.


Fabulously fast paced.

And finally, DRAGONS!!!

I was invested from the very start and I loved everything about it.

This book is standalone but according to Ness the universe as a whole is open so we never know!!

2. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

“What is a person, if not the marks they leave behind?”


I’m currently broken and feeling very fragile so I’m going to have to sit on my review but just to say that I’ve been waiting for this book since I heard Victoria talk about it two years ago in Oxford and for me it did not disappoint.

I’ll also absolutely have to reread it soon because I know that there is stuff that will blow my mind now that I know how it ends.

I’ve got 18 pages of notes. I could have taken 100.


3. Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

“You don’t need anyone’s permission to be you,”

Lovely book!

For some reason I was expecting scary, scary and this was not scary, scary but it was lovely and cute really and very funny at times.

I adored all the characters. Yadriel and Maritza were adorable and I loved how close they were. Julian was amazing and super funny in a manic endearing kind of way.

Yadriel and Julian’s relationship moved super duper fast in a short period of time but they were so cute so I don’t really care!

I really liked the vast amount of Latinx culture included as I have very little knowledge on the various traditions and stories involved in so many of them so I liked getting glimpses and I have a large amount of further reading to do now.

I did find the story a little bit slow at the beginning but overall I really enjoyed it and will be absolutely picking Aiden Thomas up again!

4. The Last Sun by K.D. Edwards

“My name is Rune Saint John. I am, before anything else, a survivor:”

Great world and character building and setting it up for the next book to be just as exciting! I have so many questions I need answers to! I love Rune and Brands friendship and I’m currently shouting for Addam and can’t wait to see his version of ‘courting’. Lots of fantastic minor characters as well.

5. The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

“Such a quintessentially Human thing, to express sorrow through apology.”

So I think I’ve just found my favourite book of the year and I’m a bit of a wreck after it.

How have I not picked this book up before now? The only reason I picked it up at all was because of the staff in Blackwells in Oxford. I had a copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in my hand to replace a long lost copy and was talking about how I wanted to read something as funny as that and two staff members raved about this. Is it actually as funny as Hitchhiker? No it is not. Is it as amazing overall? Yes. Yes it is.

I’ve been trying to explain it to people and for me it was Star Trek meets Hitchhiker. I still don’t have all the aliens straight in my head (just like Star Trek) but I know the important ones. This is a truly unique story and I love that things didn’t go exactly as I thought they would. I’m shipping ship’s I would never have expected to ship and I’m shipping them HARD!!

I’m at a total loss as to what to do with myself until book 2 and 3 arrive. I might just have to ebook them because I really need to stay with these guys. This is definitely one for sci-fi and space opera lovers.

Sissix forever!!

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