Weekend Jaunts

Last week I booked accommodation for two nights along the Wicklow Way in June. In order to prepare for that we need to ‘train’ or build up even the bare minimum of fitness.

We used to be big hikers and would even go on hiking holidays. We took an extended break while looking for a house to buy and then once we bought the house the weekends were for house things, then COVID hit and no further explanation needed.

Now during COVID I’ve been up and down with my fitness but I’ve been doing well latley and finding my workouts totally manageable, so I thought a little trip out to Howth to do the Bog of Frogs Trail would be no bother at all. We used to do that walk every week and flew around it. What did I not factor into this?

The joy on the incline!

You don’t get the incline while doing a boxing workout. I was not ready for that incline. I’ve a lot of work to do before I can go on a proper hike. A hike in the mountains. The mountains where a real life compass is needed.

So we will be heading out to Howth on the weekly and looking into a few other trails to mix it up a bit. It’s not exactly a hardship though because Howth is spectacular and the have the best seafood restaurants!

The day itself was just stunning and even the journey out there was glorious, we had about 15 minutes in town before our train so spent some time wondering the quays.

Took some pictures of the Famine Memorial while wondering.

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