5 Random Facts About Me…

I got tagged on bookstagram to do this over the weekend and I can never think of anything interesting when I have to leave books out.

So here we go…

1. I love Tarot

I’m in absolutely no way an expert but I love spending time with my decks and learning. I’ll never be a professional but I just find tarot to be a great way to reflect. Oh and I also love all the beautiful decks that are out there to choose from. Art and mediation combined! 😀

2. I like J Lo movies

I feel like I’m missing something when it comes to the joke that Jennifer Lopez is a bad actor. Like her movies aren’t Oscar worthy but they are fun and she is amazing so I’ve always enjoyed them. The Wedding Planner is *chef’s kiss*. I’m also a fan of Maid in Manhattan and The Cell. I personally can’t wait to see Marry Me. It looks fun!

3. I adore gardening

We were super lucky that we found ourselves the perfect house and it also had a large garden for a city garden. I’ve spent the last few years working hard on it and even though I’ve a few big things I want to do in the future, for now I’m ever so happy with it. It’s a great place to potter and it saved me during COVID!

4. I was once a tour guide

Many moons ago I was a tour guide for a summer and loved it. I’m a mega introvert so I’m still surprised I enjoyed it so much.

5. I enjoy travelling alone

I love travelling with people, my fiancé in particular, but I also really like to travel alone. The last big trip I did on my own was a fair few years ago though, I travelled around Australia for a month. I planned my itinerary down to the hour. Not one person I know would have enjoyed it, my partner in particular. I had the best time! 😀

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