If I could go anywhere right now…

I really like the idea of this prompt and I think I’ll have to use it again in the future. Probably on Mondays. 😀

With COVID, the lack of travel has been a bummer. We got through the tough days by talking about where we would go and what we would do. It was actually a lot of fun to talk about when we were out on our morning walks.

With travel restrictions lifting and the possibility of travel becoming more realistic and much easier, I’m making all the plans. We are taking time off in March. The reason I took the time off to begin with was so that I could sand and paint all the doors upstairs in my house. What we’ve been talking about instead is going to Paris for four days.

We’ve a trip to the countryside with my family in February and I’ve a weekend trip with the BBF planned for the end of March so I really shouldn’t be thinking about four days in Paris.

I’m not ruling it out yet though!

We both adore Paris and have been lucky enough to visit it many times over the years. Our plan for our next trip is to have duck confit for lunch and dinner and drink wine outside cafés. Something that’s concerning though is that while doing some preliminary research, I noticed a lot of places we loved have closed permanently. I really hope as things begin to improve that businesses that had to make the tough decision to close will find new homes. 🤞

So, if I could go anywhere right now? Paris.

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