The Journey – Week 14

Overview: I’m super behind on my updates. The first week of April was a busy one for me with work and because of that there was lots of walking which was great. I like the start of the month because it means a new workout program on my workout app and it’s always exciting.

Monday (April 5th) – Whoop, whoop!

I’m feeling good and starting the week with a new 8fit workout program. This one is called Live the 8fit Values.

I really like the idea behind this and having looked at the overview of the four weeks I know this is going to be a challenge but I’m also excited about it. I don’t think the 10 minutes everyday worked for me last month as I like my weekends free to do as I please. Here we are back to the 5 days of differing workouts and 2 days of articles that complement the overall theme of the weekend.

First up was Kickboxing inspired HIIT. This was so hard and I did it on a bank holiday Monday. I think I need some kind of reward. 😀

This was great fun and I love the boxing workouts but I’ve started getting a sore shoulder after some of them. Usually when I get super into it. Hot water bottle and a hot shower and it felt better though.

Tuesday (April 6th) – Today’s workout was Strength challenge: Planks.

I literally only started doing planks correctly this year so I do still struggle but being able to manage them for any amount of time feels like a win for me. So this workout was three rounds of 30 seconds downward dog to plank, 30 seconds mountain climbers, 30 seconds cat/cow stretch, 30 seconds forearms plank, 30 seconds shifting plank and 30 seconds rest. The downward dog to plank and the mountain climbers were my favourite. Cat/cow was like a rest and those last two planks were a bloody killer!

I also finally did the last 10-minute boxing workout from last week today because I was jazzed up. They were definitely ending that program strong. I was having a great time with this one until the last set in the workout. The last 30 second exercise was a crab reach and FUCK. THAT! 😀

Wednesday (April 7th) – Full body Pilates was up today and I love me a bit of Pilates but I needed to be in the office at 8.30am so went for a morning walk and dropped in on the way back and then needed to go in again in the afternoon and all told that was 15km and didn’t have the energy and my hip is screaming so going to delay the plan by a day this week.

I loved the morning walk as we mixed it up and went to a lovely park near my work but the afternoon was horrible as there was so many people about. I don’t think I’ve been out in the world after 3pm in about five months. Not a fan.

Thursday (April 8th) – I was FORCED to get up early this morning as Lidl were having one of their garden sales and doors opened at 8.00am and it’s a whole thing. People queue and behave like it’s the end of days around all the popular stuff and clear the special sales section out by 8.05am. Well today we were among those people, so I guess we are those people?

Anyway, we went to get a cantilever parasol. We got it. Hurrah!

This was not easy to carry!

We also had to carry this MOFO 15 minutes home. Living in the city, about 80% of the time I know we don’t need a car and I don’t want the added expense but this was one of those times I was in the 20% bracket.

All this is to say that the way there and the carrying this back felt like a great addition to my strength challenge today which was squats.

Then, queue emergency in the office and me having to walk in, deal with that and walk home. So 10km done before lunch and 25km in two days.

Some deep hip stretches were needed.

Friday (April 9th) – Took it super easy today, not going to lie, I needed it. Yesterday broke me.

Saturday (April 10th) – Today I did lots of gardening, a lot of digging happening and a lot more to come so this is for sure my workout for the day.

Sunday (April 11th) – Did my Wednesday Pilates today. This was a full body that I’ve done in the past but it mostly focuses on the lower body and they are always my favourite. I opened the French doors and listened to the birds as I did it and really enjoyed it.

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