The Journey – Week 11

Overview: I was unsure how this week would go as I was off for three days and in the past when I was off I’d just completely switch off because I considered exercise work and if I’m on vacation then I’m on vacation from everything right? So I actually found it exciting that I wanted to do my workouts and that I enjoyed doing them and I enjoyed having the freedom to do them whenever I wanted. It was a revelation.

No walks this week but I also spent a bit of the week in my garden so I got lots of fresh air and added movement. This was a really fun week! I’m tired after it but I feel amazing.

Monday (March 15th) – Did the thing where I needed to catch up with workouts I skipped last week. This time it was the weekend workouts. 10-Minute Cardio and 10-Minute Stretch. The stretches are super nice and enjoyable so I really don’t mind leaving them but I need to stop carrying over the tougher ones because today’s workout was 10-Minute Upper Body Box. All told this took me about 40 minutes. I love a sweaty workout on a Monday but this was really intense and a time crunch and I was dead for the rest of the day! 😀

Tuesday (March 16th) – Today was a10-Minute full body low-impact workout. Stuff is getting harder as the weeks go on.

This workout had two sets that you do three times. In the first we had wall climbs.

Absolutely not! replaced these with ‘pointers from push up position’ which were perfect.

And the second set had the dreaded resistance bands and a right banded side plank and a left banded side plank.

I gave these a go but I don’t think I did a single one right. I didn’t hurt myself though and laughed at myself for falling so much so at least I had fun in the doing.

I also deep cleaned my kitchen which isn’t joyful movement but it is movement and it counts.

Wednesday (March 17th) – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Who got up early and did their 10-minute Pilates on a national holiday? It was me!!

Who also spent the day in the garden painting garden walls? Also me!

Honestly, me doing any kind of movement on days off in the past was a miracle and I was happy to do so today. Maybe it’s lockdown or maybe exercising is just more fun now that I try not to torture myself but whatever it is it makes me so excited and it helps to keep me motivated.

Thursday (March 18th) – Very stiff and sore today which made it the perfect day to start off with a 10-minute morning yoga flow. I actually added on a few hip movements at the end. This was just so lovely. I enjoyed every second.

The rest of the day I did nothing. I read, I napped and I ate and it was blissful and I feel like I got to truly enjoy it as I had no feelings of guild at all.

Friday (March 19th) – Got up late and did my 10-mintue core with bands workout which again I didn’t love but I really felt my core burn in that ‘this isn’t sore but I’m totally using those abs’ kind of way and I like that. I had another lazy day. I had planned to do some garden stuff I decided to embrace the relaxation state I was in.

Saturday (March 20th) – I had big plans for today so an earlish start, did my 10-minute full body cardio and had a big breakfast and then spent the entire day in the garden doing some hardcore clearing out and digging and still only managing to do a small amount. I thought I’d never have a proper garden and now we have a kind of big garden for a city garden and I absolutely love it, but man it’s a lot of work.

It will all be worth it though!

A small amount of the work.

Sunday (March 21st) – Body. One. Big. Bruise.

No pain, I just ache all bloody over. Day on couch, barely able to read. A lot of Modern Family rewatching! Today’s workout was a stretch workout which would probably have been beneficial but I just couldn’t find the strength!

I pottered a tiny bit in the garden but I wouldn’t call it work and I also napped a lot.

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