The Journey – Week 10

Overview: This is a process. I’ve said this before and I know I’m going to have to keep repeating it over and over but I’m not working out to punish myself. I want to enjoy the movement and how I feel after. I think 80% of the time I’m in the enjoyment place and then I’ll have some days where I rest and take it easy and will then punish myself by pushing my body to it’s limit. I don’t think there is an instant fix for this. I guess it’s just reprogramming myself.

This week was difficult but I love those yoga and Pilates days!

Monday (March 8th) – Carrying over some things from last week. 10 Minute Cardio Workout from Saturday followed by today’s planned workout which was a 10 minute Boxing Tabata workout, which I’m not a fan of and topped it all off with Wednesday’s Yoga 10 minute session which wasn’t working when I tried to do it last week. This all took almost 45 minutes with cooldown included.

Not sure it was my best idea. It was high cardio and I was super sweaty after it (which I like on a Monday) but my left ankle and shin were sore all night and I feel like I just pushed too hard and I think it was that Tabata workout. It was eight 20 second squat hold punch outs with 10 seconds rest between each and eight 20 second fast feet with 10 seconds rest between each and those fast feet were becoming an issue at the end. I should have stopped after four I think.

Tuesday (March 9th) – Back to the walk and 10,000 steps before breakfast. Didn’t do my morning stretches again though and the hip is a little sore, it’s probably all exasperated by my left ankle not being great so instead of going right into the 10 minute workout after the walk I took a break and waited until 12.30 and used my active time that I get with work for it instead.

Today was a 10 Minute Core workout. This workout had Side Plank twists on each side and I’ve only managed to do side planks so I replaced the twists with 30 second side planks on each side.

Wednesday (March 10th) – The 10 minute workout today was Pilates.

I’ve said this before, these 10 minute workouts are speedy but also they pack a punch. Pilates in particular.

No walk today, I was very tired so did this workout early and just took it easy for the rest of the day.

Thursday (March 11th) – Today was balance Yoga!

I LOVED this. It was so hard and my balance is really terrible but I’d love to do more of this.

Also did a quick 2.5 km lunchtime walk.

Friday (March 12th) – Now, here is the issue. I took it easy on Wednesday and Thursday so today I tried to punish myself for that and this is what I’m trying to stop. I’m pretty sure I say this every week.

Today was a 10 minute resistance bands workout which is one of my least favourite workouts and I’ll be glad to see the back of once this month is over and decided to attempt a 20 minute HITT workout. I could only manage 10 minutes. I was too tired. Why do I do this to myself? 🙈

Then, to top it all off, I spent an hour in my garden digging up a stump. I don’t care what anyone says, gardening is working out!

Saturday (March 13th) – I did not workout today. I was so very sore. I did my nails and ate lots of cheese and crackers.

Paddy’s Day Nails

Yesterday kind of broke me. I need a few days to recover.

Sunday (March 14th) – Slept in. Had a lovely relaxing day and read all day long.

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