The Journey – Week 9

Overview: A new 8fit program launched for March and is 10 Minutes Per Day workouts. So a 10 minute workout that focuses on one particular type of exercise a day. I like the concept and I’m going to try and give as many of these a a go as possible. This one bleeds into the weekend which none of the others have, I like the idea of doing a short workout on the weekends but I do love to be lazy on a Sunday. The Sunday’s are mostly just stretches though so I can probably manage that.

I think this is probably the wrong way to look at it, but I’m unsure if 10 minutes (22 minutes when all the warmups and cooldowns are included) is enough, so my plan is to do extra classes on Monday and Friday and morning/lunch walks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday along with the 10 minute workouts.

Something that I’m realising more and more now is that I’m moving because I enjoy it and it’s becoming less and less about me feeling like I ‘have’ to. I still need to listen to my body when it tells me I’m tired though and be happy in the reality that I need to take breaks and that breaks are good.

Monday (March 1st) – Today’s class was Box and Flow and the 10 minute workout was a Boxing Workout.

I had thought about postponing today because of my shoulder and my sinuses but the shoulder was actually okay today and I thought a good sweat might help my sinuses and it did.

The Box and Flow was high intensity cardio followed by a nice yoga flow. The yoga was so hard after the boxing and my balance was definitely off but I kind of liked the mix. I did the 10 Minute Workout right after so it might be a better idea to do them before as with the classes you get your warmup and cooldown built in so I cooled down and then started up again so had to do another cooldown and my workout ended up being an hour. Just need to fiddle about with the order of things.

No shoulders pain after, I was very good at not punching out too hard today.

Tuesday (March 2nd) – Went for my morning walk so 10,000 steps done early. I’m starting to really see the benefit of this. I don’t want to stop my lunch walks altogether but I like having the walk done and then I can decide if I want to add more or not throughout the day. It’s also a good time of year to get back into the morning walks. Nice sunrises or fabulous fog like we had this morning.

A foggy walk.

Today’s 10 Minute Workout was a Core Workout. So with these workouts the pre and after workout stretch isn’t included so once that’s added this workout took me 22 minutes which is still super speedy and it even got my heartrate up. Really doable and I love doing core stuff now that my core is able for it.

Today’s class was a 15 minute Moving Meditation. I decided to do this later in the evening because I found the night yoga I did a couple of weeks ago really helpful for switching off once I tried to go to sleep. This was really lovely and I think moving meditation might be the way to go for me because sometimes I find sitting still and meditating to be difficult and I had another fabulous nights sleep so coincidence?!

Wednesday (March 3rd) – Another morning walk, 7 km and 10,000 steps.

I was sore after this and think it could be from the core work yesterday and the fact that I didn’t do my bed stretches before my morning walk because I was a little late.

Today’s 10 minute workout is a Pilates Session and it was all going well until near the end, my left hip was burning a little and then I moved the wrong way and strained my upper back. This was such a silly thing to do and nothing to do with the Pilates but me not paying proper attention and moving too suddenly. My plan was to do a Pilates class straight after but I decided to put Voltarol on my back instead. I would love to do the Pilates class but I think I need to listen to my body and just be happy with the movement I’ve done today.

I wonder could it be something to do with the boxing on Monday? 🤔

Thursday (March 4th) – A 7km morning walk and it was that lovely fresh Spring cold.

Today’s 8fit workout was supposed to be a 10 Minute Yoga Workout but it wasn’t working for some reason so I did my favourite yoga workout from the app. Yoga for hips. I just love everything about this particular yoga and I needed it today because even with the bed stretches I did this morning my hips haven’t been right. We are beginning to call this the magic yoga in my house now. The only issue I have with it is the fact that it makes me so relaxed that I really shouldn’t do it before the workday.

Everything done by 9.00am and I feel fantastic.

Friday (March 5th) – 10 Minute Lower Body Dumbbells and a Cardio Workout today.

I absolutely overdid it today but I had wine last night and felt a bit bleh and I knew that a sweaty workout would make me feel better and it did.

I’m now working out to feel better instead of working out because I have to and that’s something I never thought would happen.

Saturday (March 6th) – Today was supposed to be a 10 Minute Cardio Workout but we spent the whole morning painting walls in our garden and according to me Fitbit I was cycling! 😀

This was a lot of work and we still have loads to do. As I said last week, any Saturday’s that are good weather wise are going to be spent in the garden from now on I think. So skipped the workout and I’m gong to add it to my upcoming Monday workout.

A long nap was had! There was also a takeaway. It was the best evening!

Sunday (March 7th) – Today was 10 Minute Stretch Day and I really needed this after all the work yesterday. A nice stretch is really lovely and I should just add them to my days. I’ll probably be too lazy to though.

Having a terrible time with my sinuses which is likely due to drinking wine which I’m slightly allergic to. Will it stop me from drinking wine? Unlikely.

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