The Journey – Week 2

Overview: A strong second week. After last week I decided to add an extra workout to Thursday which is meditation day. Did Yoga this week and I think that adds to the feel of the day. I’m thinking of adding something to the Friday as well so might look at another workout to add to next week.

Definitely feeling good mentally but I may need to look at some more relaxing self -care ideas. Next week is new nail week and that always makes me chipper but a nice facial may also be called for!

Monday (11th January) – Skipped the morning walk again but did it on purpose as Monday is the 8Fit cardio workout day.

Today was HARD and I really do love cardio. There were mini burpees. Honestly, who thinks that burpees are a good idea? They are just impossible.

I completed everything with a few modifications but felt really good after.

I also did my 2.5 km walk at lunch. Hamstrings were a little tight but other than that today felt good.

Tuesday (12th January) – Morning 4.5 km walk achievement unlocked. In the rain!! I was very smug. Started the day with the bed stretches again and they are really beneficial.

Lunchtime 2.5 km and at good pace but a bit of lower back pain. I was really busy in work today so didn’t even have time to get the heating pad. The pain kind of put me in a bad mood but today’s 8Fit workout was Yoga for hips that I did once I finished my workday and it ticked all the boxes. Felt great after it, both physically and mentally. I set the room up where I was doing it with soft lighting and no distractions and it definitely helped.

Wednesday (13th January) – Started the day with the bed stretches followed by another 4.5 km the morning walk. Two days in a row! Feeling smug again! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lunchtime 2.5 km walk which I followed with day 10 of the 8Fit New Year Program. Full-body HIIT with upper body focus. So, looks like Wednesday’s are going to be hard BUT I did finish it this week. I just couldn’t complete all the exercises. I have zero upper body strength and even with modifications I couldn’t finish all the arm stuff. Push ups are no joke. Some plank movements that I wasn’t able to do for the full 25 seconds but I’m actually pleased with how I did today.

Little bit of hip pain so did some extra hip stuff after and used Biofreeze on my lower back after my shower.

This was a tough day as I did more than I’ve done previously but I feel good. My upper body won’t feel good tomorrow though. ๐Ÿ˜€

I need to work on that upper body stuff though. Wow but I’m weak!

Thursday (14th January) – More bed stretches and the last 4.5 km morning walk of the week.

Today was a busy and stressful day. Didn’t get out for a lunch time walk so once the work day was over I did another Yoga for hips workout and followed it with 8Fit New Year Program Day 11 ‘Meditation for welcoming challenge’. I think the Yoga before the meditation was a good idea for this. This weeks meditation was also much more guided, with questions throughout that really helped me to focus. Found myself getting really into it and I slept incredibly well afterwards.

The Yoga for hips is fabulous and I’m giving it all the credit for how well my lower back and sciatic nerve are doing this week.

Friday (15th January) – Today was a ‘try to get everything done’ day. Work deadlines, meetings, housework and Day 12 of 8Fit New Year Program and finish everything up by 4.30pm.

That meant a super early morning with no morning or lunch walk.

It was all very tight and I had to eat breakfast and lunch at my desk but I got all the floors cleaned, the dusting done and the bathroom cleaned. Followed that by ‘Full-Body Pilates’ that set my core on fire. Pilates is insane, tiny little movements can be so powerful. This was a very rushed workout which is not ideal but I did enjoy it.

I’d like to focus on Pilates more once I’m finished the three week program.

All the rushing was worth it though, after the longest shower in history there was Prosecco and a super tasty homemade curry.

Saturday (16th January) – Early start today and 13 km walk. We didn’t do the Phoenix Park but tried two other parks nearby to see what it was like. We did not like it. Far too many people who weren’t social distancing and refused to move to single file on footpaths when passing. Will be back to the bigger park with less rude people next week.

A nap was had but I had very little pain and didn’t need a painkiller or Voltarol so this was a major win and a really great way to end the week. Feeling so optimistic about everything!

I did have some anxiety during the night so not sure what that is about!

Sunday (17th January) – LAZY DAY!

Had a nice sleep in (due to a not great nights sleep) and did my meal prep. After that it was a day of reading and laying about. How I feel Sunday should be! ๐Ÿ˜€

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