Home Library

My big dream since I was little was the same as most bookworms. To one day have a library like that of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

Obviously that library is a little outside my price range so I am creating a budgeted library. Thirty-two weeks ago this week the carpenter who built my shelves finished. You would think this would mean I’d have my library up and running by now. Truth is, the job of painting them is huge and I’m not very far along. The shelves are MDF (this made the project so much cheaper) and after sanding and filling and sanding again I have one coat of primer on and I’m now back to refilling which will be followed by more sanding and another coat of primer and more sanding and then, fingers crossed, the top coat.

First coat of primer on!

I’ve been procrastinating with this project and you would think with lockdown I’d be much further along. I’ve decided to push myself and try and get to the top coat stage by the 22nd July. I’m hoping by stating that here I’ll make myself do that. Although as I’m typing this I’m supposed to be applying filler and I’m not so who knows. I’m going to try update here on the project so you can follow along with my progress. Or lack of! It’s an adventure!!

This is causing me a lot of stress!

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