Week 2 – Workout Challenge update

Week two is done and oh boy the BURN!! 😀

This was was tough, this is usually when I struggle doing monthly challenges. The novelty of a new challenge has kind of worn off and I feel like I’ll never get to the finish line. Especially when it’s mainly strength training. The start of this week was INTENSE because I had things planned for later in the week so needed to top load. Next week will be the same. That yoga on Sunday was so welcomed. I did it early-ish (I had a little bit of a sleep in) had a shower and relaxed for the rest of the day. Mainly watched YouTube videos and read. It was needed!

So it was a hard week but now I feel ready for the next two and a bit!!

I’m using MadFit‘s December workout calendar from 2021 as a template for this challenge. She of course launched a December workout calendar 2022 on Wednesday of last week! 😀 It looks awesome so I think I’m just going to start it on Thursday 22nd December. It will have me doing a full body stretch on Christmas day but I might do a nice quick cardio and finish it off with that stretch. I like the idea of really sweating it out on Christmas Day. We’ll see what the weather is like though because if it’s a nice crisp winters day I’ll opt for a long walk followed by the stretch!

I should really work on completing this one first though! 😀

Onward to week three!!!

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