New Monthly Challenge with MadFit

We are coming into the holiday season and I want to be all systems go. When I start a new challenge I feel super pumped and this time is no exception. I wish I could bottle that enthusiasm as the month draws to an end but all I can do is be proud of each day I manage to complete!

I’m using MadFit‘s December workout calendar from 2021 as a template for this challenge. The start is pretty much all the same but as the month goes on I’ll be swapping and changing to suit my days and she didn’t get around to adding all her new videos so I had to wing it for some days. I think I’ve managed a nice mix.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m all about the cardio but I’ve been working hard on strength and weight training and my mind is literally blown by the difference it’s making in EVERYTHING! I’m getting strong. I HAVE SOME MUSCLES!! I had the PLAGUE again at the start of November and thankfully my recovery has been way quicker than the first time I had it, so I want to take full advantage of that and keep killing it with workouts!

I find MadFit hard, I find any mainly strength and weight training hard, but I really like her workouts and her attitude and style make the workouts a little easier. How she names her workouts and the thumbnails she uses is also super refreshing for YouTube and makes me excited to do them. I do miss not having a timer countdown bar at the top of a workout though. Those are handy when you are feeling like you can’t go on! 😀

So that’s the focus. Building strength. Becoming stronger is my biggest goal this year and how amazing would it be to end the year doing workouts I previously dreaded?

Oooh boy, what a start! Monday was a killer. I’ve no upper body strength so that 15 minute toned arms and abs killed. The stretch and tone wasn’t a walk in the park either so it was a tough start. Leg and booty day on Tuesday was awesome and for sure my favourite of the week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were good, that flexibility routine on Friday was way tougher than I’d thought it would be though. Saturday was killer. It was no equipment, so just body weight and I’d had a bit too much wine the night before. I honestly thought I was going to die. I was very smug after I finished it but it was a little like torture at the time. Sunday was hard because arms! A good week overall. I’m for sure pushing myself with this challenge. A bit nervous about next week. 😀

When I started working out again back in March I started with doing a dance workout once or twice a week. MadFit was the first place I came across that had fun dance workouts and as I mentioned she just gives off good energy with how she presents her content. I love that there are dance workouts in this challenge, especially because it’s her challenge.

My biggest piece of advice in regards to starting to workout for the very first time or starting up again is to find something you enjoy and start with doing it once a week for a few weeks. Slowly work your way up. It’s a lot less daunting that way!

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