Intentional Movement 100 – Welcome to 60!

Got to 60 and nobody is more shocked than I! 😀

How were days 31 to 60?

Stepped things up a bit over the last 30 days and it was tough but I also feel myself getting stronger and stronger and that feeling is so addictive y’all! This has also led to a couple of problems. I’d be lying if I said that the potential of losing weight wasn’t an attractive possibility in doing this challenge. My main goal is being stronger but seeing my body change for the better is kind of exciting. The problem is my brain goes back to the bad place, like encouraging me to over exercising and diet!

So I for sure over exercised this month, on the days where I had scheduled yoga or stretching I found I wasn’t enjoying them as much as usual and would keep thinking about the HIIT workouts I could be doing. There was also a few times when I was supposed to be doing restful movement and I added a ‘quick HIIT’. I mean the upside here is that I’m aware of what I’m doing and trying to rectify it? Due to a lot of weekend plans we also didn’t get out for many hikes the last month and I think they help me regulate myself during the following week. We are off out tomorrow for a hike and I’m hoping I’ll go easy on myself the next 7 days.

My more worrying concern though? I really want to reduce calories at the moment and I’m fighting the urge to do so HARD. With all the movement I’m doing, and the hotter weather, I’m absolutely craving lots of fresh and raw food the last 30 days but that awful little voice in my head is telling me if I cut this or that out I’ll lose more weight at an accelerated rate and I have vowed never to go down that road again. I will never and, I mean NEVER, restrict food again. The general advice is to just stop everything for a while in order to ‘reset’ but I really don’t want to. Aside from these two kind of concerning issues, I’m having a great time and I feel AMAZING!!

I’m hoping being aware and keeping an eye on the potential to fall back into old habits will help me not go down the disordered exercising and eating road. I think this is a good time to remind everyone that the diet industry f**king SUCKS! Here I am almost 40 years old and still working hard to undo all this nonsense. I’d also like to blame the patriarchy because that’s my favourite thing to do! 😀

Maybe these issues popping up will help me in the long run?

So some stuff to work on but I still love this challenge. I’ve gotten much more flexible and I don’t want to get too excited but my core is killing it right now. I mean I enjoy a side-plank now and I can bring myself into a seated position from lying down using only my core!! WHO AM I?

Also, a very odd side effect of my spondylolisthesis for me is a lack of toe strength, especially in my left foot. Two months ago I was barely able to bend the toes on that foot and now I can like half bend them and I can proper bend the right ones. This is actually really exciting and I’m giving yoga all the credit!

This post wasn’t as upbeat and encouraging as the first 30 days post (well apart from the last two paragraphs) but this is the reality of trying to unlearn a lot of brainwashing and well, it’s a process!

Be kind to yourself and do the best you can!

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