New Nails…

This months look is in and I love them. This is my first matte time and I’m for sure a fan. They feel a little bit different and I think that will take some getting used to but they look so cool. This month I was going for understated and classy. I’ll have a quickish turnaround on these nails as I’ve made a plan for the rest of the year and I need to have a month where I go in early to get on that plan. It’s the Virgo in me. That could also be seen as a teaser for the next look I’m planning.

July Nails:

So matte pastel ombré and it is giving me real summer vibes. I have also decided now that I have a professional on hand to shape them again, I’m going to go for an almond shape nail. I like this months almond shape but might go a little bit pointer (not stiletto though as I’m far too clumsy for that) next time. I probably need more length to carry it off though so may need to wait until my holiday nails to try it.

“Builder in a Bottle” for sure helps with growth and it’s so strong I can’t even tell you. I was particularly clumsy one day last month and banged my index nail so hard against something that I know for a fact had I not got this on I’d have broken the nail to the quick. As it was, with the “Builder in a Bottle”, a small bit of the tip was damaged but all I need was a little file. I know that real damage would have been done without the gel.

One thing I do need to mention though, and will do so whenever I talk about “Builder in a Bottle”, is that when the nails go under the UV light with the gel on, it can hurt. This apparently depends on the thickness with which the technician applies the gel and the weakness of your nails. My technician was out yesterday and I had someone new, he did a great job as you can see but he for sure used more gel than the girl I had last time. Like my pinky felt like it was on fire and my nail beds even hurt a little after I came home. I’ve looked into the whole builder trend and they seem to be safe and don’t do any damage so I just want to flag this for anyone thinking about getting this done so they won’t be blindsided. The burning only lasts about 30 seconds but pain is pain so it’s worth keeping in mind. I’m heading back to my original girl next time so we shall see if it’s a thickness of gel issue then.

Inspiration (found on Pinterest)

My nail art ideas Pinterest page can be found below:

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