Beyond Solitude (283)

I spoke about how I only began reading romance again during 2012 in my Sebring (1180) post and my branching out into anti-heroes. The beyond series was, to my knowledge my first foray into BDSM and these boys were the definition of anti-heroes. Now BDSM is probably my least favourite romance genre but Kit Rocha did it well in this series and I remember really liking it. I stopped reading it after this book though, I’m pretty sure it was the waiting for the next book, I’m such a mood reader, I should only start completed series.

I think I might have to reread the first 4.5 books in this series and finish it over the summer. I think it could be fun!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Author: Kit Rocha
Series: Beyond #4.5
Length: 154
Published: 1st May 2014
Date Read: 10th June 2014
Genre: Romance erotica

Review from memory:

I can’t remember as much about this one as I do the previous four and I think that’s because this one was kind of outside the main storyline. I remember Derek being a grump. I think? I’m afraid to say I don’t remember Mia at all.

Going to update this when I get around to rereading so stay tuned!

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