The Viscount Who Loved Me (162)

Today’s post should be a TBR post BUT today is Bridgerton day and this one legit came up for my next Read Post and to not post it today would be sacrilege! 😀

I’m a big fan of historical romance. What I love the most is the author getting fashion and setting correct for the time period but throwing the majority of the misogyny out. It’s comfort reading for me. I am 100% aware that they are not factual. That’s the point. For women of this time period, the upper ton in particular, romance or consent didn’t really factor so it’s nice to consider an alternative reality where a family of eight children all, not only lived to adulthood, but also got HEA’s. It’s not for everyone, that’s totally okay, but I absolutely hate people punching down to people who enjoy it.

The amount of people I’ve seen complaining about other people being excited about the Netflix Bridgerton series is so disheartening. Is it just for the sake of complaining or do they just hate to see other people happy about something?

I see this a lot in the book world but I’m sure it happens in the graphic novel world and the gaming world and all the other spheres where there is something hugely popular and you’ll always get a handful (in the case of Bridgerton and Sarah J. Maas, a lot more than a handful) who love to complain about the people who are excited. They don’t complain about the thing itself as much, oh no, they sh*t all over the people who have found something in this really very sh*tty world of plague and war to make them feel good for a few hours. The horror of being distracted and happy for just a while!!!

And it’s always so condescending, ‘oh you really should find something better to do with your time’ or ‘there are so many better, historically accurate books!’ DUDE I’m reading it because it’s NOT historically accurate!! If I want historically accurate I’ll pick up some historical fiction or non-fiction. 🙄 If a person doesn’t like a thing? Fine. If a person wants to complain about a thing on their own networks? Fine. Just stop trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. It’s petty and makes people look like utter wa*kers!

So I ranted more there than I’d planned, it’s just annoying is my point. Let’s try be excited for the people who are excited about a thing even if it’s not for us. It costs nothing. Be kinder. It will make you feel good. I promise.

So on the The Viscount Who Loved Me…

As you’ll see from my ‘in depth’ review of 2020 I ‘Still really liked this one.’ The fact is that this is probably in my top two from the series. Anthony gets a well deserved run for his money and Kate is the kind of bad bitch I’d like to have been in the 1800’s. One of the things to love about this series is the relationship that the family Bridgerton has with each other. Not all the spouses in the books have that same closeness with their family so the ‘found’ family journey with the Bridgerton’s is always rather lovely. The difference here is that Kate’s relationship with her family is just as close and she is just as rabid as Anthony about protecting those she loves. In this case it’s her protecting her little sister from the rake that is Anthony Bridgerton. In her eyes Edwina deserves only the best and it was lovely. Then there was her relationship with her stepmother Mary! Ugh, when I tell you I’ve cried each time! Mary is what we want all stepmothers to be. For those who like evil stepmothers don’t worry, the biggest bitch of them all will appear in the next book, An Offer From a Gentleman.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the Netflix show. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I thought it would never get here to be honest. I don’t care what they do as long as the family relationships aren’t altered too much. If they have Kate and Edwina fall out over Anthony without it being resolved in one episode I’ll be very, very, very cross!! I hope that Kate gives Anthony absolute hell, he deserves it. And I can’t wait to see the pall-mall match. Pall-mall and bees are super important in this one. *Note: I see that Eloise has replaced Simon (his only scene in this book) which is really the only choice as she’ll add to the mad family competitiveness. These people are like my family when we play cards. :D.

When I saw this poster I actually screamed!

I’m going to do a collage for this book (and I will 100% be using the characters from the show in the casting because they are perfection) but I’m going to make it a separate post because I’m cheeky but also because I’ve set my posts up in such a way that this wouldn’t fit my Collage Page aesthetic. 😀

So to anyone excited about this today, I’m there with you, hope you love it!!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review from 2020:

Still really liked this one. I adore Kate and her and Anthony are a perfect match. Feelings and the 1800’s you guys, they did not go well together.

The Pall-mall 2nd epilogue is a real favourite of mine! 

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