Asian Cooking

I’ve been on a real Asian food kick since the start of the year. I was all about Ramen up until the start of March and now I’m all about stir fry.

I had been using chicken but I’m trying to eat vegan on weekdays so today I went on a little adventure to get some good tofu. I HATE tofu when I make it at home but I’m told I’ve probably not had the good stuff so off to the Asia Market we went for the good tofu. This was our first time at this specific one, we usually go to the one in town but this is literally a 20 minute walk from our house and it’s bigger and has more than the one in town. I was in heaven.

Obviously I didn’t just get tofu. Who could go to a shop like this and only get the one thing? A psychopath that’s who! 😀

This was me retraining myself

I’m hoping I’ll love this tofu and have to go back regularly. My current stir fry recipe of choice stars a Tahini Stir Fry Sauce from the Minimalist Baker. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe. It is the absolute bomb! If this doesn’t make the tofu palatable for me nothing will! 😀

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