If I could go anywhere right now…

I’m picking my own back yard for this one because I’m actually venturing into town today. Today we mark the two year anniversary of the end of the world and we are marking the occasion by doing something ‘normal’. We are going to a super kitschy restaurant that we love and reminisced about during the many lockdowns. We will have a drink in one of our favourite spots. We will ramble the streets of the city we call home and moan about all the tourists here for our first proper St. Patrick’s Day celebration in two years. It’s not our first time doing things in town since this all began but it’s the first time since restrictions have been completely lifted. I for one will be wearing my mask though because people be nasty.

My rule has always been to avoid Dublin city centre this time of year but I’m excited to see her getting her flowers this year. It’s been a strange two years. I’ll post about my ‘Weekend Jaunt’ tomorrow. I’m currently trying to achieve a 50 posting streak. It’s been fun coming up with posts.

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